The fees of private schools in CABA and the province of Buenos Aires will rise to 14.5% in December
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The quotas of the private schools of the City of Buenos Aires will increase 14.5% from december and those of the Buenos Aires province will rise 10%, in what will be the last increase of the year and a new impact on the middle class.

As explained to TN Rodolfo De Vincenziof the Argentine Confederation of Private Education Institutions (CAIEP), the rise in CABA responds to a 102% annualized increase for salaries of the teaching staff and Buenos Aires schools to an improvement of 94.5% in 2022.

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As they explain from private schools, teacher salaries represent 60% of the costs of educational institutions and that for this reason, every time they rise, the fees must be corrected.

The previous increase had been applied in october and it had been from 20% in Buenos Aires schools and of the 6.2% in Buenos Aires.

Last blows to the pocket of the year

The increases will be applied to private schools that receive a state subsidy. In Argentina there are some 17,000 private educational institutionsof which almost 60% have this benefitranging from 20% to 100% coverage.

This contribution covers both official positions and some specific components, but does not reach non-teaching staff or costs for operational services.

In mid-September, the 2022 national teaching parity closed. The unions of the sector -CTERA, UDA, CEA, AMET and SADOP- accepted the official offer, which includes an improvement salary in three installments, totaling 82% in December. Thus, the starting minimum wage will rise to $77,137 at the end of the year That is the floor from which the provincial unions negotiate.

Private school fees directly affect families. They know that, hand in hand with rising inflation, wages are adjusted and, with it, most services.

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But that of schools will not be the only increase in decemberthere will also be increases in quotas prepaid medicine; in the salary of the jobshouse keepersand in the rates of public transport and of taxiamong others.

In addition, the first electricity and gas bills with the increases which began to be applied in November. And another item that is also usually updated in the last month of the year is that of rentals.

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