The fire in Recoleta was controlled: five people died and 18 were injured

A fire caused the death of 5 peoplethree minors and two women, and left at least two injured in the Buenos aires city. Several fire departments and more than 20 ambulances were mobilized to the scene of the incident and on the morning of this Thursday, June 23, they controlled the flames.

The fire started on the seventh floor of a 14-story building located in Ecuador at 1000, meters from Avenida Córdobaon the border between the neighborhoods of Recoleta and Balvanera, in the Buenos Aires area known as Barrio Norte.

Initially, a group of firefighters from the City had to stay in the care of one major and two minors who were trapped on a balcony from the sixth floor while a hydrolift was deployed for a primary site. Finally the fire managed to be extinguished.

Among the people rescued from the place, there was also a pregnant woman, according to SAME personnel. Not all the residents of the building were evacuated, since in some cases it was not necessary, the SAME specified.

For prevention, gas was completely cut off in the area and a CNG station near the building was evacuated. The area remains closed so it is recommended to avoid those streets.

The victims

The 5 people who died were rescued alive, but due to the high temperatures and smoke, they could not survive, according to Fire personnel. On the other hand, the rescued pregnant woman is already out of danger.

A neighbor of the family on the seventh floor said that falling debris woke her up and when she left her apartment she met the father of the family on the sixth floor who was asking for help to rescue the remaining 10 members who were trapped. Precisely the five people who died belonged to that family.


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