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The fire in Recoleta would have been caused by an overload in the battery of an electric skateboard

Fire in Recoleta 20220623

l criminal and misdemeanor prosecutor Sebastian Felludo reviewed the first reports received from firefighters for the fire in the department of Recoleta. According to preliminary tests, the fire that caused the death of a mother and four of her children would have occurred as a result of an accidentso that the action of third parties is ruled out, as well as the hypothesis of some failure of electricity or gas in the home.

The prosecution awaits the final expert opinion of the Fire Department but preliminarily the existence of any damage was ruled out. The most consistent hypothesis states that it was an accidental event and everything points to the overload on the battery of an electric skateboard.

“The cause is related to the sudden thermal reaction of lithium batteries belonging to a scooter electric skateboardpresumably induced by overload or excessive dischargehits in cells or exposure to heat sources, whose thermal potential was transmitted to the elements with the capacity to burn, giving rise to what happened, ”they detailed about the expertise carried out by the fire and explosion investigation office of the Fire Department of the city.

Ioni Jabbaz, the father of the family that suffered the tragic accident, is hospitalized, while his evolution is evaluated

The three children are out of danger

According to the latest investigations, the fire started in the living room and then spread to the three bedrooms and bathrooms. Thus, the five deceased died from carbon monoxide inhalation.

Fortunately, the other three children are out of danger, despite their injuries.

Prosecutor Fedullo appeared at the scene this Thursday afternoon. For caution, the neighbors still can’t return homealthough there is no risk of collapse. They still have to restore the electricity and gas services, for which the technical verification of registered professionals will be necessary.

The facilities after the fire in Recoleta


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