The first child with acute hepatitis in Argentina urgently needs a liver transplant

Days after the first case of acute hepatitis of unknown origin was reported in a child under 8 years of age in Rosario, health authorities reported that the boy he was put on the emergency list for a liver transplant.

According to specialists, the minor is in a condition “very delicate”reason why it was entered to the national list.

At the moment no other case of the disease or that is related to this fact has been detected. The Minister of Health of Santa Fe, sonia martorano, explained: “It is an isolated case. It is not an outbreak and I want to bring calm and tranquility to the population.”

Acute childhood hepatitis arrived in Argentina: what are the symptoms and how to prevent it

The approval of said procedure was taken by the specialists who attend to the minor, who indicated that there was no improvement. Meanwhile, the operation is expected to take place in the next few days in Rosario, in the only center authorized to carry out transplants of this nature in the city.

The minor’s case is the first to be detected in the country, although weeks ago the World Health Organization (WHO) had generated an alert for cases of severe hepatitis in the United Kingdom in the pediatric population.

Since the detection of the first case, there are seven other suspects of unknown origin in Santa Fe who are being analyzed by doctors. As they do not have a connection with each other, it is not an outbreak, they pointed out from the health portfolio.

The possible link of these cases of hepatitis with dogs

In the United Kingdom, at least 160 cases have already been detected and according to SkyNewsresearchers are trying to establish if there is any relationship with transmission by dogs.

The agency noted that there are 64 of 92 cases with available data mentioning exposure to dogs.

Family questionnaires have shown “relatively high numbers of families with dog ownership or other dog exposures,” said the AUK Health Security Agency (UKHSA).

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