Valeria del Mar Ramrez is the first trans woman to testify in a human rights trial Photo Ral Ferrari
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Valeria del Mar Ramírez is the first trans woman to testify in a human rights trial. Photo: Raul Ferrari.

Valeria del Mar Ramírez, the first trans woman to appear as a plaintiff in a trial against humanity for having been held captive during the last military dictatorship in the former clandestine center Pozo de Banfieldrecounted this Tuesday before the Federal Oral Court (TOF) 1 of La Plata the beatings and group rapes he suffered by police officers and said that they made him wish every day that: “God take me.”

The woman, who in 2012 received her DNI with her self-perceived identity from the then president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and in 2020, when this trial began, she became the first trans woman plaintiff in a trial against humanityhe declared for more than an hour with a trembling voice when he remembered the humiliation he suffered.

In that context, He also said that today he is experiencing a precarious economic situation, since he lives on a minimal retirement and stated: “I don’t know what will become of me”.

“She worked as a prostitute, today she is called a sex worker, on the Camino de Cintura, on Route 4 between Seguí and the Llavallol roundabout. She had obtained that position and had to pay the street manager,” Valeria del Mar Ramírez began to recount. , who specified that “She was not a militant” but she was seen “as a leader” for defending her colleagues when the policemen “to make statistics”They were going to take them prisoner.

The woman specified that she suffered two arrests, one at the end of 1976 and another at the beginning of 1977.

“During the dictatorship, transvestites and homosexuals were like weirdos and how could a military government allow us to be on public roads,” he said.

Along these lines, he specified that “the first time it was a raid, the street manager told us to leave that inspectors were going to pass and he did not want to see any stop on the route, but we did not listen to him. We were 14 or 15, We stayed in a service station on the corner and they picked us up, it was a raid and they took us to the Llavallol police station. We stayed there for two days. There was no mistreatment at the police station.”

“Where there was mistreatment and rape after rape was in the Banfield Well”the woman remarked.

Ramírez recounted that she was taken to that ex-center at the beginning of 1977, together with a companion named Romina.

“They grab us, they put us in a Ford Falcon car, they kneel us between their (police) legs, with our heads down and when we arrive the police announce ‘here are the puppies they had requested,'” he recalled and detailed. that they were taken to individual cells, telling them to look down so they would not see that there were other detainees in that police unit.

Ramírez recounted what he suffered in the Banfield Well Photo Ral Ferrari
Ramírez recounted what he suffered at the Banfield Well. Photo: Raul Ferrari.

She recounted with tears in her eyes: “They beat me because I didn’t want to have anal and oral sex with two policemen. They passed my member through the mailbox (the crack in the cell), and they told me ‘if you want to eat, suck me a bit and I’ll I give food.”

“One day, when they took me out to bathe, I filled a bottle of water and then when they told me to give them oral sex (in exchange for food) I didn’t eat. I didn’t eat for two days, drinking only water until they opened the dungeon and found the bottle ´Puto, so you play the living thing´. They threw the water bottle at me and I had to agree to the rape. The four raped me”she said moved.

He also recounted that on another occasion “they brought a cucumber and told me ‘now you’re going to have fun with this’. I thought they were going to destroy me with that, but they told me ‘no, don’t be scared, this is not for you’ , but they told me to stay there face down and three came and raped me”.

“I no longer knew what to do, I preferred that God take me. Another day they came, they took me to the same place and they put a piece of hose on me. There were about six of them, they laughed and I screamed for help. I didn’t know what else to ask for,” she sobbed.

He also recalled that another day “they throw me on the mattress and one grabs me by one hand, another by another, another by one leg and another by another and they tell me ‘you will like this better, because it will tickle you. One He opened the edges for me and told me “this is what will amuse you” and I don’t know if it was a rat or a mouse”.

“I thought it was the end of my life. It seemed to me that I was with insane people because for them to want to do these things I didn’t see the reason. They made me scare but they did not put the rat on me, if they had done it I would not be declaring, “he said.

Valeria del Mar Ramírez also testified that on one occasion when she was taking a bath, she heard a policewoman yell “he’s coming, he’s coming” and he heard “a girl yelling.”

“I thought what they were doing to him. That’s when I feel a baby cry. And the soldier tells him ‘well, come on, get up and grab a bucket and clean this dirt of yours,’ while the girl, long hair, thin, emaciated, all her little dress Full of blood, she couldn’t stand up. I grabbed her hand, leaned her on the sink and started to fill the bucket,” he explained.

At that moment, Ramírez said, the policewoman saw her and yelled at a policeman, “Are you stupid? How do you have that fucking guy here and you didn’t tell me anything?” she was locked up for two days, naked in her dungeon.

“I was 14 days in the Banfield Well,” he specified and explained that his mother had filed a writ of habeas corpus in his favor.

The trans woman recounted that she declared these sufferings “in the National Human Rights Secretariat and in the La Plata court. On those occasions I did not tell about the rat and the hose. Out of shame, for fear that they would not believe me “.

“Remembering this is very strong. Everything they did to me, the harassment, how they beat me if I didn’t want to have sex. Neither physically nor psychologically I’m fine, sometimes I don’t want to leave my house,” she said crying.

He also explained that: “I receive a minimum pension, I will be 66 next December. If I pay everything, I don’t eat. Thanks to Ammar, where I go to look for food every day. There are great compañeras like me or more who are in a situation of street. That hurts me and I don’t know if tomorrow they won’t throw me out on the street if I don’t pay” for the place where he lives.

“I received compensation, they gave me 50,000 pesos, and I already spent it. I don’t know what will become of me. I have wounds on my body, nobody removes them. Only those of us who have suffered know what it is. It is very ugly not to have freedom. But what did I have, what job did I have? I had no other”he concluded.

Boris Santos, Peugeot delegate, survivor of the Pozo de Quilmes and Eduardo Castellano, survivor of Pozo de Banfield and El Infierno, also testified this Tuesday.

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