The forint strengthened on Wednesday evening

The euro was quoted at HUF 397.78 at six o’clock on Wednesday afternoon after HUF 401.16 in the early morning, the dollar was down from HUF 383.65 to HUF 382.98 and the Swiss franc was down from HUF 382.95 to HUF 382.02.

On Wednesday afternoon, the forint was 0.2 percent weaker than at the beginning of the month against the euro, 4.7 percent weaker against the dollar and one percent stronger against the Swiss franc. Since the beginning of the year, the forint has weakened by 7.8 percent against the euro, the dollar has weakened by 18.1 percent and the Swiss franc has weakened by 7.4 percent.

As previously reported by the Index, the forint hit a historic low on Monday afternoon, when the euro rose to 402.96 forints, among other things.

In the evening, however, the Hungarian currency strengthened somewhat, and shortly before midnight, the euro cost less than 400 forints.

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