The fourth dose of coronavirus vaccine in Romania will be available from Monday

The fourth dose of Pfizer vaccine is in principle recommended by people over the age of 60, but can be given to anyone over the age of 18 who has received the first three mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid) vaccines, called Pfizer or Moderna. The fourth dose can be requested at coronavirus vaccination centers or at GP surgeries involved in the immunization program if they have received the third booster dose at least four months ago.

In Romania, by the way, vaccination points are closed in turn during this period. Due to the low propensity to immunize, the ministry decided to phase out all vaccine outlets created last year due to the coronavirus vaccination campaign by June 30, and to entrust coronavirus vaccinations to GP surgeries. However, the majority of GPs do not take up the task, citing the financial risks, if the proportion of unused expired vaccines exceeds 25 per cent, they would be paid for by the ministry.

It is claimed that with the current low propensity to vaccinate, it is very likely that vaccines marketed in five-, six- or ten-dose packs will not be given to anyone after a new pack is started for each applicant.

In Romania, 8 million 126 thousand people, 44.85 percent of the vaccine population (over 5 years of age) have received at least one dose of vaccine against coronavirus. The number of people vaccinated increased by 929 last week.

The number of newly diagnosed infections in the country is declining again, following the stagnation after Orthodox Easter. The ministry said Wednesday there have been 705 new cases in the past 24 hours, down ten percent from the average of the past two weeks, and seven deaths have been registered. Hospitals treat 913 patients with coronavirus (almost 20 percent less than a week earlier), 144 of whom receive intensive care.

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