The French demanded to stop supplying weapons to Kyiv during the action on the Field of Mars
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– We held the first action back in September, – says Anna. – And then we decided to connect like-minded people from other French cities, as well as other European countries, to this movement. So, simultaneously with the current demonstration in Paris, similar actions were held in Lyon, Perpignan, Rouen, Norman Caen, as well as in Spain – San Sebastian, in Italy – Verona and Milan.

An action was also planned in Germany, but, according to Novikova-Berne, it had to be cancelled.

– Local authorities told our comrades that “you can’t use” such names as Donbass, Lugansk, Donetsk. Like, a demonstration, as such, is allowed, but without the use of these words on posters and other banners. So we will look for a solution to this problem, – said Anna.

During the demonstration at the Eiffel Tower, its participants sharply criticized the Western media, which biased and one-sidedly present information about the events in Ukraine, do not disclose their real reasons. Therefore, one of the goals of the association is to promote an alternative point of view on the conflict, which can lead to the most sad consequences both in Europe and around the world.

An important detail that Anna Novikova-Bernet drew attention to: during the demonstration, representatives of the local African community, as well as the “yellow vests”, who on that day held their action in Paris on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of their movement that has been feverish in France for a long time.

It should be noted that the day before, the SOS Donbass association sent a petition to the National Assembly, the lower house of the French parliament, demanding that European governments stop arming Ukraine and return to a constructive dialogue with Moscow.

It should be noted that the demonstration on the Field of Mars attracted the attention of Ukrainian activists who settled in Paris. They tried to disrupt its holding, shouting anti-Russian slogans, but were pushed aside by the police.

True, as Anna Novikova-Berne told me, when the action ended, the brawlers attacked two local female bloggers. They filmed this event on video, and also intended to take a comment from Anna in one of the nearby cafes. And one of the bloggers was hit in the face. It is not known how this scuffle would have ended if the police had not intervened. Hooligans were detained and sent to the station. As for the girls, they may file a lawsuit with law enforcement agencies.

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