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Recently, the innovation has been the mantra of any entrepreneur or executive seeking business success. Improving or creating something totally new really gives companies a prominent position in the market.

On the other hand, we talk little about changing our way of thinking, our habits and beliefs, which are often outdated. I say this because some things appeared a long time ago, they have already been tested several times in the market, but, often, they are victims of corporate resistance.

There are several examples. Today I’m going to focus on a trend that has been going on for years and that, with a lot of effort, has now become stronger in the corporate environment. The “use” instead of “have”. Recently, two very innovative and up-to-date companies announced rental services: Apple and Magazine Luiza!

Different companies, different markets, even more distinct origins, but with one thing in common: an attentive look at market changes.

THE apple recently announced that it will start leasing its equipment. The consumer pays a monthly fee and can enjoy the exchange of cell phones and other items of the brand.

Through the “VaiVolta” service, the Magazine Luiza announced that the consumer can now rent all products sold in the store. The project is being tested in partnership with Housi, a subscription housing platform. That is, the resident signs the property and rents the furniture and appliances!!!

These initiatives demonstrate what changes when the company focuses on the needs of its customers. Both realized that by offering the products via rental, it would free the customer from activities and concerns that are not priorities for them. Discovering and solving the customer’s problem in a new way is a great innovation!

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However, I believe that as with Uber or AirBnB, there will initially be a lot of resistance from consumers with the model. I am convinced that it is more difficult to change the habit/culture of people and companies than to innovate.

What about you entrepreneur and executive? Do you already offer an innovative service to your customers? Hiring a service is much better for the user than purchasing products. I convinced myself of this a long time ago, when I practically started the outsourcing market in Brazil by myself. In fact, it is already known that service will be the basis of the economy of the future.

Vittorio DanesiCEO of Simpress.

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