The good is coming!  Nobody's Woman will have an unexpected twist

Mexico.- Mary Penella who is Casilda in the soap opera ‘No man’s wife’ He advanced a little of what is coming with his character as part of the story starring Livia Brito and Marcus Ornellas.

Casilda is an unattractive young woman who has grown up oppressed, giving her an old-fashioned and gray image. She has secretly lived in love with Leonardo (Ignacio Tahaán), manager of Alejandra’s business, but his great attempts to get her attention have never worked.

She receives constant humiliation from Alejandra, making fun of how ugly she is, of her lack of ancestry and takes advantage of every opportunity to throw it in her face that she is only the daughter of a servant who died the day she was born, and whom she decided to take as her own. goddaughter, for which she should be grateful to her and be at her service.

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Casilda and Lucia in character. Photo: Special

In search of the acceptance of other people, he devises a plan that he keeps as his greatest secret, transforming himself into a mysterious being that gives him the security and fulfillment he has always dreamed of.

About, actress Maria Penella He talked about the impact Lucía’s appearance will have on his story and how little by little it helps him see his value.

A very nice journey is coming in his story, starting from when he meets Lucía, whom he sees as a threat in his early days, but later, he sees her so different from the women he knows that it is when everything changes, “he advanced.

Doing these scenes was more than enriching for Maria, as she not only gained experience and feedback, but also had a lot of fun doing them.

“These first calls were a lot of fun, the process was great, creating the personality, working together with the actors, with Giselle, was something incredible. We do not leave black humor behind, but on the contrary, we try to show a character that in the soap opera is seen as something real, ”she emphasized.

Mary Penella. Photo: SPECIAL.

“Azela has become my real godmother but cool, they are the best! They have all the years of experience and see how they relate to the set, the crew, with the scenes, the freedom they have with the texts, to It has been a great lesson for me.”

For María, this story is proof of self-love and forgetting that life can change for the better at any moment.

What is true is that the character as we know him has nothing that makes him change, having Lucía, such a different woman, it is inevitable that he does not reflect on himself.

The love she feels for her godmother, the hatred for Isaura, the complicity with Pilar, the hidden love with Leonardo, will be the spearhead for her.

Casilda. Photo: Special.

A drastic change is also coming for the character of Lucía, who will move her destiny to fight for justice and that happened, will make Casilda reflect.

The telenovela airs from Monday to Friday on Las Estrellas at 9:30 at night.

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