The Government advanced the increases in the minimum, vital and mobile salary

The government established a increase staggered from Minimum salary, vital and movil what will be done in two sections: the first will be from June 1when it will become $45,540 for monthly workers and $227.70 for normalized workers.

The second tranche will be from August 1when the SMVM will reach $47,850 and $239.30 the value of the hour for workers, according to the provisions of Resolution No. 2022-6.

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That’s the way it is, the minimum and maximum amounts of the benefit for unemployment they will look like this:

  • $12,650 and $21,083, respectively, as of June 1
  • $13,292 and $22,153, respectively, as of August 1.

Also, there will be some improvements to the beneficiaries of the Accompany programs; Promote Work and Unemployment Insurance.

The CGT endorsed the increase

The Central General Confederation of Labor (CGT) gave its support to the initiative promoted by the Minister of Labor, Claudio Moroni, and highlighted: This advancement of the rise in the SMVM is made effective based on the constant monitoring of prices and wagess carried out by the CGT and the Ministry of Labor, with the aim of keeping salary reference values ​​up to date; that also have an impact on the amounts of the different social benefits such as Boost Workthe Accompanying Program and Unemployment Insurance, among others”.

In this way, the government anticipated the project presented by the national deputy for the Front of All, Maximo Kirchnerwhich proposed to advance to the month of July all the increases of the Minimum Vital and Mobile Wage scheduled for 2022.

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