The Government confirmed the 2023 holidays: what are they and what long weekends will there be?
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The Government confirmed the schedule of holidays for 2023, which foresees 19 holidays during the next year, of which 14 are immovable, 2 transportable and 3 for tourism purposes. There will be four four-day weekends.

Decree 764 has already been signed by the president Alberto FernandezY will be published next Tuesday in the Official Gazetteafter developing the holiday for tourist purposes on Monday for the celebration of Sovereignty Day on Sunday, November 20.

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The The months that will have the most holidays will be May and June with 3 each, while in February, April, October and December there will be two holidays. September is the only month that will not have holidays.

Holidays 2023: how many are there

There will be 14 immovable holidays, two transferable and three for tourism purposes, which accounts for a total of 19 holidays.

What are the immovable holidays in 2023

  • January 1 (New Year).
  • February 20 and 21 (Carnival holidays).
  • March 24th (National Day of Memory for Truth and Justice).
  • april 2 (Veteran’s Day and those of the Fallen in the Malvinas War).
  • april 7 (Holy Friday).
  • May 1st (Labor Day).
  • 25 of May (Day of the May Revolution).
  • June 17 (Step to Immortality of General Don Martín Miguel de Güemes).
  • June 20th (Step to Immortality of General Manuel Belgrano).
  • July 9th (Independence Day).
  • November 20 (National Sovereignty Day).
  • December 8 (Day of the Immaculate Conception of Mary).
  • December 25th (Christmas).

Holidays 2023: which ones are portable

  • August 17 (Step to the Immortality of General José de San Martín): the Monday August 21.
  • October 12 (Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity): the Monday October 16.

What are the holidays for tourism purposes in 2023

  • Friday May 26: bridge with the holiday of Thursday May 25, Day of the May Revolution.
  • Monday June 19: bridge with Tuesday June 20, holiday for the Passage to Immortality of General Manuel Belgrano.
  • Friday October 13: It is a holiday to achieve a long four-day weekend, due to the transfer of the holiday from October 12 (Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity) to Monday, October 16.

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Holidays 2023: how many long weekends will there be in 2023

Next year will have four long weekends four days each:

  • From Saturday February 18 to Tuesday February 21.
  • From Thursday 25 to Sunday 28 May.
  • From Saturday 17 to Tuesday 20 June.
  • From Friday 13 to Monday 16 October.

What are the remaining holidays in 2022

  • November 21: Next Monday is a holiday for National Sovereignty Day, which was on Sunday the 20th and was moved to Monday.
  • December 8 and 9: Thursday the 8th is a holiday for the Day of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, while Friday the 9th was declared a bridge holiday.
  • December 25th: Sunday the 25th is a Christmas holiday.

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