Alberto Fernndez celebrated the approval of the agreement with the IMF
Alberto Fernández celebrated the approval of the agreement with the IMF.

The Government of Alberto Fernández closed the week with the approval by the leadership of the IMF of the agreement with Argentina to refinance the debt assumed by the management of Mauricio Macri and now focuses, as a management priority, the fight to reduce inflation and the insistent call for the need for unity within the ruling coalitionafter the differences that were exposed during the discussion of the understanding with the international organization.

“In a global context of uncertainty derived from the pandemic and armed conflicts, we reached this agreement that allows us to visualize a horizon of growth. The international community has accompanied us. We achieved this agreement, for the first time in history, with the approval of Congress and with the support of workers, businessmen, social organizations and governors of our country.“, the President highlighted last night in a thread he posted on Twitter.

Hours before, the leadership of the IMF approved the 30-month agreement with Argentina to refinance the debt for US$44,000 million assumed by the Macri government, which will allow the immediate disbursement of US$9,656 million, according to what was communicated by the agency after the Executive Board meeting.

Next week, Fernández will focus on the price issue: the call to the business and union sectors announced by the president on the 16th of this month to begin agree on an anti-inflationary package It will be held next week, on a date to be defined, according to what the Chief of Staff, Juan Manzur, announced in the last few hours.

“The President called for the business sector, the workers’ sector to meet next week, and obviously in the area that has to do with one of the productive engines of Argentina, such as the countryside, we are working to First, bring positions closer and obviously contain all the variables that exist at the international level”, remarked the chief of ministers.

Various sectors and officials even joined this week in the fight against rising prices through the hashtag #BajarLaInflacion on social networks, as a way of underpinning the priority of the Casa Rosada.

Lower the stress and way to unity

At the same time, in Casa Rosada they admit that Fernandez and the sections of the ruling coalition who answer to the vice president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner keep a “strained relationship” and “more complicated” after the negative votes of several deputies and senators from La Cámpora in the treatment in Congress of the agreement with the IMF.

In this framework, throughout the week, The head of state and his closest officials sent signals of the need for unity: “We already discussed a lot, we are very different. So much fighting does not make life easier for people. It is time to end divisions,” said the President last Wednesday, when he went to Paraná to inaugurate a technical school.

Last night, from Tucumán, Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero He spoke along the same lines: “What we have ahead of us, as men and women of politics, militants of Peronism and the Front of All, is to continue articulating, on the differences, the country model that we are defending”.

Along the same lines, on Thursday -in the framework of the National Day of Memory for Truth and Justice- several of its officials agreed on the diagnosis of the need for unity that Fernández raised.

It is a moment in which there are different expressions and manifestations, it is good, healthy and it is good for democracy. Regardless of the political expressions and the healthy differences that can be had, it is good that we are all united”, said Manzur to Télam that day.

“I don’t really care about this of fomenting the internalism in the ruling party, the opposing visions. We are Peronists, we live from internal debate, from different views, and on top of that we are governing in a coalition that is the FdT”he added, for his part, the Minister of Justice, Martin Soria.

While, the national deputy Eduardo Valdésof frequent and close dialogue with the President, rescued a usual phrase of Pope Francis to explain the differences within the FdT: “Unity is superior to conflict”, he considered that the ruling party “is on the way to this unity that is our strength.”

That same Thursday, after two years of not mobilizing due to the pandemic, La Cámpora held a massive demonstration of 70,000 militants from the premises of the former ESMA to Plaza de Mayo, within the framework of the Day of Remembrance, which was lLed by Máximo Kirchner, Eduardo de Pedro and Axel Kicillof, among other referents of that space.

“When people are present in a government, the bad is less bad and the good is good. It is with the people inside. Always, partner,” said Máximo that day, surrounded by deputies, senators and a dozen Buenos Aires mayors.

“We do not manage the channels. It has become clear in the last 50 days that all the channels, not one was missing, criticized our position on the IMF. One chooses: the TV studios or the people”, fue another one of his reflections.

Prior to the 24th, on Tuesday, the Government received a boost from mayors and maximum Peronist referents of the Buenos Aires suburbs, which in La Matanza reaffirmed the unity of the FdT, and also issued a agreed document in which they asked the President measures against inflation to “guarantee the table of the Argentines”.

Regarding the consolidation of the space, they recalled that in 2019 they asked Cristina for “all her efforts to unite and beat (Mauricio) Macri and (María Eugenia) Vidal, after four years of a neoliberal government that left us an unpayable debt, 50% of poverty, mega tariffs of 3,000%, loss of purchasing power in wages and unemployment of 12%.

In this context, they pointed out that “the current Vice President, in an extraordinary gesture, changed the course of history and we were able to consolidate the victory of the FdT in the first round.”

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