The “great replacement” theory is attracting more and more American conservatives

Just over a year ago, the star talk show host of FoxNewsTucker Carlson, “dropped the mask and defended on the air the conspiratorial scenario of a great replacement” allegedly at work in the United States.

The idea, as presented by the sulphurous host of the conservative channel, “was not so much that immigration was going to reshape the American political landscape, but that a small elite encouraged this movement with the sinister goal of literally replacing native-born Americans with immigrants,” underlines the washington post.

This great replacement theory, “long confined to the far-right American nationalist, has since come a long way in the Conservative ranks,” continues the daily.

The fear of a transformation of the “American Way of Life”

According to a poll commissioned last December by the Associated Press news agency and the National Opinion Research Center (Norc), “nearly half of Republicans indeed agree that there is a deliberate attempt to replace native-born Americans with immigrants”. And more than half of them also agree that migrants reach the United States “to influence election results and to transform the American Way of Life”, explains the daily.

This belief in the “great replacement” theory is also much more rooted among viewers of Fox News and the two far-right channels One America News and Newsmax than among those of other news channels, notes the newspaper. He points out that Tucker Carlson realizes today what Donald Trump had grasped before him, stoking concerns over the immigration issue is the best way to build up a loyal fan base.”

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