Pushilin confirmed the desire of the Donbass republics to become part of Russia in the future

Pushilin confirmed the desire of the Donbass republics to become part of Russia in the future

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Head of the DPR Denis Pushilin told RIA Novosti how he sees the future of the special operation and the entire region. The politician is sure that the army should advance further, because there is still too much to free.


Pushilin confirmed the desire of the Donbass republics to become part of Russia in the future. But first, we need to win back the lands of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions within the borders, when they were still part of Ukraine.

– As for the substantive discussion, form and dates (referendum – Ed.), We will be able to talk about this only after reaching the constitutional borders of the DPR. Then this issue will be number one on the agenda, – said the politician.

He added that the army will not stop at reaching the republican lines. After all, the Ukrainian army with its long-range weapons will be able to continue shelling the land of the young state.

– The enemy, getting new weapons, essentially forces us not to stop at the border. Why? Because we must protect the citizens of the LDNR. If the enemy receives serious weapons with a long range, then we will have to make appropriate decisions,” Pushilin said.


Apparently, the advance of the army will not end even at the maximum range of missiles. In response to a question about the fate of Odessa (which is quite far from Donetsk), the leader of the republic said that the special operation should end with “the liberation of all Russian cities.”

State Duma deputy Adam Delimkhanov predicted the achievement of all military objectives by the end of the year.

– I very much hope so, – Pushilin supported the parliamentarian.

At the same time, the politician believes that it makes no sense to involve Pridnestrovie in the military operation. Either he does not want new victims among civilians, or he is confident in his own abilities.


Discussing the speed of the army’s advance, the head of the DPR actually repeated the words of the Russian president. Putin has repeatedly said that the front is moving slowly, because the troops protect people.

– Any acceleration entails an increase in the number of victims – including among our military. Because they have to go to less prepared positions. Of course, we could, as many want, wave our saber like the Americans in Iraq, raze everything to the ground. But for the Americans, these are strangers, but for us they are our own,” Pushilin explained.


Pushilin agreed that Zelensky should be tried by an international tribunal for war crimes. The same fate awaits the nationalists who shelled the peaceful quarters of Donetsk.

Only the international nature of the tribunal implies that other states, except for Russia and the LDNR, will take part in the investigation. But no one names which countries want to do this.

– Until the end of the summer, we really plan to hold the first stage of the tribunal, it would be wrong on our part to drag it out. As for other countries, the issue is under study. Still, probably, it is premature to announce the participants, – said Pushilin.

The politician said that neither the British nor the Moroccan authorities have yet asked the head of the DPR to pardon the mercenaries. Perhaps the captured soldiers themselves will ask for this.

“But I want to emphasize right away: so far I see no reason to use my legal right to pardon,” the republican leader clarified.


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