"The head of the spider" prison, substances and human experiments in the Top 3 of Netflix

spider’s head (2022) is a science fiction film directed by Joseph Kosinski. and based on a story by George Saunders for The New Yorker.

Although it was not applauded by critics, in terms of box office it is being a success, positioning itself in the Top 3 movies on the streaming platform Netflix.

“The head of the spider” (Joseph Kosinski, 2022) (Netflix /)

The key to the success of spider’s head it is its cast of Hollywood stars and themes that based substances and human experiments on prisoners He achieved a product that can be savored in a run in a footage of less than two hours, ideal for paying equal attention to the film as to the popcorn.

“The head of the spider” trailer, synopsis and cast

spider’s head tells the story of a prisoner in a high-tech prison who begins to question the purpose of emotion-control drugs he is testing for a pharmaceutical genius.

“The head of the spider” (Joseph Kosinski, 2022). (Netflix/)

The film is starring Chris Hemsworthknown for bringing Thor to life in the MCU and, Miles Tellerremembered for the saga of Divergent (2014), The glorious present (2013), Project X (2012), among others.

“The head of the spider” (Joseph Kosinski, 2022) (Netflix /)

The rest of the cast or cast It is made up Jurnee Smollett, Tess Haubrich, Nathan Jones, Charles Parnell, BeBe Bettencourt, Daniel Booko, Angie Milliken, Jane Larkin, Joey Vieira, Daniel Reader, Elke Hinrichsen, Rachel Forsyth, Angelo Montano, Mark Paguio, Ashleigh Lawrence, Sam Delich, Stephen Tongun , Regan Sharp, Jariah Travan, Ronald Smyck, Elliot Chenery, Aykut Karacam, and Wyomi Reed.

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