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The health of Gabriel Sanabria, the policeman attacked with machine guns, was complicated

Gabriel Sanabria is still interned at the HECA

The health condition of Gabriel Sanabriathe policeman shot with a machine gun on May 26. They called for a prayer chain and a march in their support.

The director of Clemente Álvarez Emergency Hospital (Heca), Jorge Bitar, indicated that the 26-year-old boy had been showing, within his criticality, hemodynamic stability, but warned that “the situation that was complicated in the last few hours.”

That is why last Tuesday he was taken to the operating room to undergo a new surgical procedure, “It was a situation that had to drain a region of the abdomen; It was a satisfactory procedure, but from then on he presented hemodynamic instability, ”he pointed out.

Gabriel Sanabria is still hospitalized at the HECA (Archive /)

In this sense, he revealed that Sanabria is currently in intensive care, with mechanical respiratory assistance and drugs that support his usual monitoring and his vital signs. “These are small complications that were expected or that were at least taken into account and that occurred”, he warned.

“They do not escape the evolution of such a critical patient, We continue to talk about a serious, critical and life-threatening patientnow a little more complicated”, he said in radio statements, to make the situation clear.

It should be remembered that Sanabria had been fiercely attacked with machine guns in the early hours of May 27, as part of an operation in Arijón at 400. Due to the fact, two adolescents are delayed, while two other criminals are fugitives.

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