Oscar Ruggeri did his thing on a World Cup mobile phone in Qatar
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journalists from ESPN, Oscar Ruggeri Y Sebastian Vignolo, developed this Friday on the air a hilarious theory on how to speak in Arabic, which is the language of the country that hosts the 22nd. edition of the World Cup, organized by the FIFA.

It all started when El Pollo greeted his partner Diego Monroigin charge of covering the minute by minute of what happens with the Argentine national team. “Monroig of my life, Monroig of my heart. How is Monroig doing?” Vignolo said to his colleague, who responded formally: “Hello Sebastian, Hello everybody, how are you doing?”. In the background, she heard him say “maluke room” to the driver, in improvised Arabic.

With quick reflexes, Monroig replied: “Maleku Salaam”. And he explained that the greeting “is answered in reverse” in terms of the placement of the words in the sentence. Surprised, Ruggeri wondered: “Inversely did he send him?” “The answer is the other way around,” Vignolo replied with false smugness. With a sense of humor, Oscar exemplified with a porteñismo: “Home, take out”. “Of course, it’s all like that,” the rapporteur followed.

The journalist Morena Beltrán laughed at the occurrence of the former soccer player, and jokingly said: “What?” Oscar said: “We do everything backwards.” To join the conversation Guy Fucks He gave the example of “amigo, gomía”, by inverting the syllables of said word. Always joking, Vignolo added: “Look, if you don’t know the language, this is it. When they ask you where you live, it’s a mess to say Buenos Aires upside down. Do you know how to say it?” Vignolo asked Ruggeri, who answered in the negative.

Oscar Ruggeri did his thing on a World Cup mobile phone in Qatar ESPN Capture

In turn, Morena shed light on the doubt and explained: “In this case, Diego’s thing is easier because it is not that he inverts the word, but that says Buenos Aires instead of Buenos Aires”. Then, Vignolo told how more and more people are coming to Qatar, just two days before the start of the World Cup. For the audience to size up the scenario, the journalist resorted to a metaphor that is easy to interpret for Argentine users.

“Today we went shopping for a second. This is like when mardel you say those of the second fortnight began to arrivehe said, after which he added that Qatar is “exploited.” Fucks backed up the statements of his partner by pointing out that there are “any amount of people” in the place. Later, Vignolo added, about an emblematic beach in La Feliz in high season: “It’s already the bristol”.

For his part, Ruggeri revealed a detail of his experience in the supermarket to differentiate what happened days ago from now. “The oranges were already everywhere, all the fruits had been handled.”

Ruggeri and Vignolo, together with their signal companions, are in Qatar to cover the 2022 World Cup, whose opening match is next Sunday, November 20, starting at 12 (Argentine time), and which will have the selected host as a contender. , and Ecuador.


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