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The historic Clidy Suárez passed away: the farewell messages on the networks

Clidy Suárez (The Voice/ Archive)

the historical Clidy Suarez He passed away on Wednesday at the age of 84.. The Cordovan actress, broadcaster and journalist was a key figure in the provincial media, starring in various TV programs and interviewing generations of artists.

Clidy Suárez was born in Cañada de Gómez on June 3, 1938.. In 1961 she entered the Comedy Cordoba by contest. He did radio drama on LV2 and LV3 (today Cadena 3). And he worked for 37 years on Channel 12in Zero Hour Show.

Clidy Suárez (The Voice/ Archive)

In 2020, she had been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the Italian Hospital after a decompensation. He spent several years battling confirmed by his relatives.

Several years ago was also closely linked to Club Belgrano and was a member of the executive committee.

The farewell in the networks

The Belgrano club dedicated a message to the former member of its board of directors. (Screenshot/)

The emotional commemoration of Rebeca Bortoletto. (Screenshot/)

The politician, Orlando Arduh, also lamented the death. (Screenshot/)

Mario Devalis, comedian and radio host, remembered the announcer. (Screenshot/)
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