The Hotel of the Famous: who was the first eliminated from reality

In a night full of emotions, confrontations between the participants and new conflicts that emerge, Milita Bora was the first eliminated from The Hotel of the Famous. Singer was left out of the reality show after facing Kate Rodríguez in an obstacle duel.

The day started with Imanol Rodriguez and Majo Martinez celebrating his last day as staff and longing to be guests. Gabriel Olivari, hotel manager, entered the place early to organize the day’s tasks and ask the whole team to please be responsible and fix the mistakes of the previous day. Immediately, the famous began to clean the hotel and prepare breakfast. “We’ve definitely learned,” he said. Silvina Moon in the kitchen. Minutes later, Walter Queijeiro It burned when taking a dish out of the oven.

Upon waking up, the guests began to complain to Olivari about the hotel’s failings. Sabrina Carballo He complained that there were no towels and that the garbage can in the bathroom was full. Meanwhile, the staff went to the rooms to clean and tidy them up. “I make the beds myself. One of my colleagues makes an appearance, says ‘hello, here I am’ but he lies. The one who moves is me, ”he assured. kate rodriguez a bit annoying. Before that, and not yet knowing that she will continue in the game, she reflected: “Whatever is going to happen, I am super calm. I don’t regret anything I did I had fun and had a good time.”

After breakfast, the guests returned to the room, and there the first conflict of the day was born. Kate Rodríguez made all the beds except Martín Salwe’s, which ignited the announcer’s anger. When asking the dancer the reason why she left the bed unmade, her answer was tricky: “I had to do other things,” she told him.

Angry with some of the hotel’s services, guests began to write down their complaints in the complaint book. Lisa Vera She was the first to write and request that the predisposition of the workers improve, among other things. Matilda White followed in his footsteps. “It would be great if the staff did not disrespect the guests,” the fashion consultant reflected.

Rodrigo Noya added to the complaints that the rooms were lacking in cleanliness and that the breakfast was not up to par, but he took it upon himself to praise Walter Queijeiro and to the Galvan Duck, who had some problems trying to put the washing machine next to Major Martinez. However, after a while they succeeded.

It saddens me that it is the last day of this group”, said Milita Bora thoughtfully, not wanting to leave. “I can’t unconsciously boycott myself,” he added while Silvina Luna advised him to visualize himself in the final.

your opponent, Rodriguez, Instead of worrying about his possible departure from reality, he preferred to continue studying the rest of the contestants. “Rodrigo [Noya] He is going to make everyone suffer, he is putting together his synoptic chart and doing a job like a ant. I don’t know if you believe their sympathy, but I have it in my sights, “ opined. And he concluded: “He learned everything he knows on TV, I learned everything I am on the street.”

As the moment of the duel that would define who was leaving the hotel approached, the famous began to analyze the situation. “If I didn’t have Kate it was very difficult to vote for someone,” he reflected Chanchi Estevez. Salwe also stated that half of the staff would lean towards Kate when it came to voting, while alex caniggia bet on the dancer. “We are all talking about her a day and a half ago, I don’t know if she is not alive,” Noya added.

In the kitchen, Melody Light walked away from the drama and continued with his mission: try to conquer Santiago Albornoz Del Azar, the head of the sector. The chef admitted that he saw her dancing on Instagram, which gave the dancer hope. “To be honest, she drives me crazy,” she admitted and said that something happens between them because there are hand rubs. Observing the situation closely, Silvina Luna and Majo Martínez judged her partner and complained that she is usually scantily clad in the hotel.

Those in charge of the different areas of the hotel met with Carolina “Pampita” Ardohain and “Chino” Leunis to analyze the first week of reality. “It was the worst week in my hotel history. A disaster”, affirmed Olivari. Christian Peterson, the chef, added that he sees a lot of people who are passing through, while Juan Miceli, the gardener, remarked that the contestants had a hard time putting their bodies to work.

“It’s quite clear, this person has an opportunity to vindicate himself,” Olivari assured when talking about the worst staff of the week. “He has a lot of potential, but he didn’t know how to take advantage of it. He doesn’t have a lot of conduct at work,” Petersen added. Hopeful, Miceli added: “I think he can turn it around.”

With all the celebrities gathered, and before giving the word to the hotel managers, the drivers revealed that the worst of the week will be staff again the following days, which caused concern in all.

Olivari was the first to speak to the contestants, and defined the chosen participant as a “volatile person, who was never dressed accordingly and everything he did he did badly, very badly.” “He is coupled with that person who really has a lot of skills, today he is a diamond in the rough,” Petersen added. “I agree with Cristian, this person lacked the physical strength to do the job,” concluded Miceli before telling everyone that the person who must continue learning to manage the hotel is Imanol Rodriguez.

Finally, it was time for the duel. “I am concerned about the physical,” Milita Bora acknowledged. And she added: “I am very excited by the support I receive from my teammates, but it is also a pressure, because I want to win for the joy of them.” All the celebrities, with the exception of Pato Galván, Leo García, Alex Caniggia and Walter Queijeiro, wanted Kate Rodríguez to leave the contest.

The challenge that defined who left the reality show consisted of a duel of obstacles. Milita took longer in getting the five balls she needs to play the flipper that would consecrate the winner, and that handicap caused her to lose the game and become the first eliminated from The Hotel of the Famous.

“In these types of games, on a physical level, I have zero capacity, and the difference was very noticeable despite the fact that I gave everything. At one point, in fact, it gave me vertigo, ”he said after the defeat. “I feel that I won in the most important aspect, which is in the heart. I gained the support of all my colleagues who encouraged me all the time. For me that capacity is much more valuable than any other physical or intellectual capacity. I’m going with that. I really wanted to stay to continue enjoying the hotel”, he concluded.

Happy for the achievement Kate Rodríguez assured that she is determined to win. “I held back and said, ‘you’re not going to see me cry, I’m not going to allow it’”, he told Pato Galván in a sincere talk. “I’m alone? I will win if I am alone. I’m super lonely, I’m used to being alone,” she added and revealed that she has to be strong because she doesn’t want her grandmother to see her badly.

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