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“This is not about making a political statement – ​​human rights are not negotiable. They should be natural everywhere, but they still aren’t. That’s why this message is so important to us,” wrote the left winger, who has played four times for the Hungarian national football team at the World Cup in Qatar, on his official social media page above the picture of the German team standing over their mouths with their hands in the team picture.

The 26-year-old Sallói is currently playing football in the United States, a member of Sporting Kansas City.

The background of the photo is that the Germans, along with six other national teams, wanted to use a team captain’s armband with the inscription “OneLove” and decorated with a heart in rainbow colors at the World Cup, but the international football federation did not allow this in the end. Precisely, FIFA has indicated that since the players are prohibited from formulating and conveying any message through their equipment – the exception is the strictly regulated sponsorship obligation with logos ironed on the various shoulder areas – they would receive a yellow card for using the armband in the same way as if they flashed an undergarment with an inscription, for example during goal celebration.

The Germans indicated that they would not risk the “Unjustified” yellow card with team captain Manuel Neuer, they would rather not use the special armband in the first group game. At the same time, however, they also indicated that they would turn to the International Court of Arbitration for Sport, i.e. CAS, for legal redress, because according to them, FIFA could not punish football players for armbands based on the above principle.

Later, Sallói expressed his opinion in the comments under the post, as well as the gesture of the Germans:

Human rights! Human. Rights! I feel human! Hungarian or not, athlete or not…

– he wrote in response to the suggestion that he should stay out of the political debate.

The case is escalating

Two days ago, the Dutch Football Association (KNVB) responded in an official statement to FIFA punishing the team captain who wears a rainbow armband with a yellow card.

According to the rules, after two yellow cards (until the quarter-finals) there is a one-match ban. The Dutch would have swallowed the fine, but they did not expect such a sanction.

“It goes against the spirit of our sport, which connects millions of people. Together with the other countries involved, we are taking a critical look at our relationship with FIFA in the coming period,” they wrote.

The Danes and the English are threatening to leave

England was also one of the seven nations that OneLove wristband they would have brought him onto the pitch before withdrawing due to the threat of yellow cards. Jesper Möller, president of the Danish Football Association (DBU), said Denmark is considering withdrawing from FIFA and is ready to negotiate with other UEFA member countries, including England.

In addition to Germany, the Netherlands, England, Wales, Belgium, Switzerland and Denmark were originally supposed to participate in the campaign.

The Germans lost

By the way, the German national football team lost 2-1 in the match against the Japanese following the gesture, and since Spain achieved a historic 7-0 success against Costa Rica in the other match of the group, the 2014 tournament was immediately in an extremely difficult situation. world champion in terms of progression.

After the defeat, the German Spiegel did not mince words with their national team, the tab On the ground again In his article, he blamed the team’s poor defense and missed chances as the biggest mistakes, adding that the team paid too much attention to the protest about the rainbow armbands, even though they should have paid more attention to the game.

The German national team shone with gestures before the match, and then experienced a huge fall against Japan. Due to missed opportunities and weak defense, progress was also in jeopardy

the paper wrote.

Germany-Japan 1-2 (Gündogan 33rd – from 11th, or Ricu 75th, Takuma 84th)
Spain-Costa Rica 7-0 (Olmo 11., Asensio 21., Torres 31., 54., Gavi 74., Soler 90., Morata 92.)

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