The first captures were revealed in images of the alleged hitman who murdered the fiscal antimafia Marcelo Pucci, originally from Paraguay. The crime occurred when he was in Cartagena, Colombiaenjoying his honeymoon with his wife on a private beach on Baru Island.

The photos accessed by the Colombian media WEEK were taken from videos of the security cameras compiled by Colombian investigators with the aim of reaching the perpetrators of the murder.

The security cameras captured who would be the murderer of the prosecutor.

In the pictures you can see a men dark-skinned, dressed in black and wearing a hat. It is from this capture that the face of the attacker, that the authorities are asking for collaboration to find those responsible.

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Marcelo PucciParaguayan prosecutor, dedicated to investigating organized crime and drug trafficking networks in his country, was riddled while he was enjoying his honeymoon in Cartagena, Colombia.

“They (the assassins) arrived at the hotel’s private beach… nothing could be done, They arrived and immediately fired while we were on the beach, the security personnel could not react”, explained the wife of the deceased judicial official, Claudia Aguilera, to the media about how the shocking crime happened.

Aguilera mentioned to WEEK that they were not in custody since it was a personal trip and, furthermore, they had not received threats. “Do not, I had no threatwe only arrived to spend the holidays, we walked without guard, there was no risk of revenge, we had no risk, that’s why we were in the hotel, “he added.

“We have spoken with authorities of USA so that they can also join the investigative team and bring those responsible to justice. We already have information that is being collected in urgent acts, which are of a reserved nature, all the capacities of the police and the Prosecutor’s Office are focused on clarifying this unfortunate homicide,” said the director of the Police, General Jorge Luis Vargas.

For its part, the Attorney General’s Office of Colombia expressed its solidarity with the family of prosecutor Pecci and its collaboration with the Paraguayan authorities. Colombian prosecutor Francisco Barbosa assured that the investigations and the location of the forensic evidence will be accompanied by a team of Legal Medicine.

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“Similarly, it extends a greeting of solidarity to the Public Ministry of the Republic of Paraguay in the face of this unfortunate loss that mourns the administration of justice and the fight against crime,” they declared.

The Colombian authorities are shocked by the way in which the assassins acted. As indicated by the first hypothesesthe criminals arrived at the private beach on a jet ski and shot the official three times without saying a word before the dozens of people who were at the scene.

For the case, the Colombian Justice appointed special investigators, responsible for solving high-impact crimes. Even the president Ivan Duke He repudiated the fact and asked the Police to speed up the investigation carried out by the Criminal Investigation Department.

At the moment they are seeking to establish whether the hired killers were hired in Colombia or if they were commissioned to carry out the crime abroad and dedicated themselves to following the prosecutor on his trip.

Who was Marcelo Pecci?

Marcelo Pucci was a fiscal 45-year-old Paraguayan, in charge of investigating cases of drug trafficking, mafias, money laundering and financing of terrorism in his country. He was recognized for his research of international impact.

tax crime
One of the last photos of the murdered prosecutor with his partner.

One of the main cases headed by the judicial official was an investigation against drug trafficking that involved some deputies from Paraguaywhich is why he would have been targeted by the criminals affected by the processes he was investigating.

Due to the recognition of his work, the Colombian authorities requested support from the authorities of Paraguay and the United States, in search of finding those guilty of the homicide quickly.


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