Social organizations closely followed the increase in the Minimum Wage.
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This Tuesdaymet the Council of the Minimum Vital and Mobile Wage to determine the new figure which at this moment is $57,900. In the debate of at least two hours, the Government made a proposal that was accepted by the businessmen and two of the power plants trade unions: the CGT and the CTA of Workers. Meanwhile, the Autonomous CTA rejected the agreement. With the increases pointed out, in March it will touch 69,500 pesos.

Social organizations closely followed the increase in the Minimum Wage.

The agreement defined that will be increased in four sections, between December and March. It will be in this last month when the credit reaches 69,500 pesos. However, with this figure and taking into account the inflationary scenario, could cover 50% of the cost of a basic basket for a family.

The Salary Council meeting was chaired by the Minister of Labor of the Nation, Kelly Olmos. Within this framework, it was decided that the minimum of $57,900 will have increases of 7% in December, 6% in January, 4% in February and 3% in March.

The determination was also of interest to the beneficiaries of Potenciar Trabajosince said program equals half of the Minimum Wage. That is, around 1.4 million people who today earn 28,950 pesosin March they will receive 34,740 pesos.

With the definitions of this Tuesday, the SMVM would become $61,374 and in March it will reach $69,480. The year-on-year, that wayit should go to 110%, considering that in March of this year it was located just over $33,000 per month.

What did the unions propose before the agreement?

As was mentioned, the Autonomous CTA was the only one of the plants that rejected the agreement. “Inflation in Argentina has been not determined by price increases, but the speculation of the business sectors. Y we do not see any effort from employers for a distribution of income in favor of the workers”, they questioned.

Meanwhile, before the meeting, Héctor Daer, co-secretary of the CGTstated: “We do not want to put inflationary nominal values ​​that later harm the processes of lowering prices. Hopefully we have significant casualties in the coming months because inflation is the worst corrosion on salary and income of all”.


Héctor Daer participated in the meeting this Tuesday.

On his side, from the CTA of the Workers and the Workersby Hugo Yasky, the objective was to achieve a “short parity”to update the minimum wage and put it above inflation with the possibility of reopen negotiations in February. at least they asked that the four points are recovered and add another quota in January to close above the annualized price index, in holiday times. In this way, they considered that they could overcome the inflationary horizon.

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