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Stadium 974, whose capacity for the Qatar 2022 World Cup has 40,000 seats, is the only one located on the seafront, with spectacular views of the Doha skyline.

It was built using certified standard shipping containers and modular steel elements.in homage to the nearby port and industrial history.

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The result is an unmistakable building, boldly colored and resolutely modern. Its striking modular design required fewer construction materials normal than for traditional stadiums, which helped reduce costs.

Also, It is the first stadium that meets FIFA requirements.

It can be completely disassembled and used for other uses after the tournament. Its design is flexible, which allows it to be built again with the same capacity in another place or to choose to make several smaller fields using the same materials.

(REUTERS photos)
(Photo: Videolab)
(Photo: Videolab)

How to get to stadium 974?

Supporters can enter the stadium using the Doha Metro. Ras Bu Abboud Station (Gold Line) is 800 meters away. It is also very close to the Doha Corniche and can be reached via the new pedestrian paths.

Stadium 974 Fun Fact

The number 974 corresponds to the international telephone prefix of Qatar, but also to the number of containers used in the construction of the stadium.

What games are played in the 974 stadium?

  • November 22 Group C: Mexico-Poland (1:00 p.m., Argentine time)
  • November 24 Group H: Portugal-Ghana (1:00 p.m., Argentine time)
  • November 26 Group D: France-Denmark (1:00 p.m., Argentine time)
  • November 28 Group G: Brazil-Switzerland (1:00 p.m., Argentine time)
  • November 30 Group H: Poland-Argentina (16:00, Argentine time)
  • December 2 Group G: Serbia-Switzerland (16:00, Argentine time)
  • December 05 round of 16: 1G-2H (16:00, Argentine time)
(Photo: Videolab)
(Photo: Videolab)

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