The inspection in Zermatt confirmed management errors.  Fines and penalties were not enforced
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The most serious shortcomings relate to property registration. These were incorrect disclosures in the register of contracts, failure to demand contractual fines in case of non-compliance with contracts or errors in the acceptance of works and services.

The resort explicitly mentioned the contracts with the company Konica Minolta Business Solutions Czech, which provided Cermat with the printing and completion of tests for entrance exams and matriculation tests.

“Mistakes were detected during the procurement procedure, and a contractual penalty was also not applied here when the company delivered the equipment after the due date and financial performance took place without the services and work being ordered being approved,” the ministry pointed out.

He now intends to seek redress.

Other identified irregularities are errors in accounting and only formal compliance with the internal control system. According to the department, this “created room for misconduct, for example in the financial performance of contracts or in the case of non-enforcement of sanctions”.

Head of Zermatt: High school graduation on paper should end

Science and schools

The Ministry of Finance has already drawn attention to shortcomings in management. Because of them, Michaela Kleňhová ended up at the head of Zermatt.

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