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“The most interesting name on the Venezuelan plane (YV3531) is Gholamreza Ghasemi since it coincides with the name of a member of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards and administrator of Fars Air Qeshm, an Iranian airline that uses 747s to traffic weapons to terrorist groups,” international analyst Andrei Serbin anticipated this Sunday on his Twitter account, and so the thorny issue of the Venezuelan cargo plane that the PSA was forced to “immobilize” in Ezeiza it could escalate into yet another huge problem for the strung-out government of Alberto Fernández.

The daily struggle of the Argentine president to make Balance is well known, and comes from a chapter, the Summit of the Americas, in which the return to the country was with a smile. It is that he responded to pressure from CELAC, “defending” the absent Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, but at the same time intense contacts were woven with the White House, including a bilateral scheduled for the end of July with Joe Biden.

But just as Cristina’s tweet “shocked” last presidential weekend, the suspicion launched by Serbin this Sunday is another possible “stone” in the albertist shoe, which makes the “rocky” culture a form of management. It so happens that, adds Serbin, “Already in 2018 Gholamreza Ghasemi was first and last name by Fox News, along with Ali Naghi Gol Parsta and Hamid Reza Pahlvani, all of them like directors Fars Air Qeshm and its weapons carrier for IRGC and Quds”:

Thus the story around the mysterious Iranian plane continues to grow, it is not known what it came to do in a timely manner to Argentina, beyond the fact that its cargo manifest said “automotive parts”, nor is it clear why when it made the journey Córdoba-Buenos Aires (had been diverted due to fog) returned to Ezeiza with the transponder turned off. But beyond these enigmas, the truth is that the relationship between the Mahan Air company, the Iranian company that allegedly sold the huge freighter to Venezuela, and the Fars Air Qeshm airline, which the US points to for possible “logistics terrorist”, would have Ghasemi among its vertices.

“Mahan Air provides technical and operational support to Qeshm Fars Air, facilitating the illicit operations of the airline. Let us remember that the 747 stranded in Ezeiza was sold to EMTRASUR by Mahan Air, so the link is not minor,” added Serbin, for end by noting that “If it is confirmed that this Gholamreza Ghasemi is THE Gholamreza Ghasemi of Qeshm Fars Air, we will surely see a more forceful action by the US with a possible extradition request”.


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