The Islamic State is a constant threat

The conference, held for the first time in an African country, was attended by at least fifty foreign ministers and delegates at the association’s annual ministerial meeting amid reinforced security measures in Marrakesh.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who would have co-chaired the event with his Moroccan counterpart, Nashir Burita, was replaced by Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, the third top executive in the State Department, for his positive Covid test.

We have come together to reaffirm our commitment to the lasting defeat of the IA in Iraq, Syria, the African continent and around the world. Even if the Islamic State has lost control of this area, it remains a threat, looking for every opportunity to rebuild itself

Victoria Nuland said in her opening remarks.

The Alliance for the Fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, established in 2014, has 84 member states and international organizations, including NATO and Interpol.

Nászir Burita warned: “We can clearly see the danger posed by the IA, which is not diminishing.”

Revenge of the Islamic State

In January, a jihadist organization attacked a Kurdish-held prison in northeastern Syria where at least three thousand jihadist prisoners were being held. This was the worst attack by a terrorist organization in three years.

This is a warning sign of how unsustainable the situation in north-eastern Syria is

Said the American diplomat. The IAEA took revenge for the death of a sworn former leader of Abu Ibrahim al-Hasemi al-Kurasi, who was carried out by U.S. special forces in Syria in February, and called on his supporters to take advantage of the war in Ukraine to resume attacks on European targets.

Washington is devoting $ 700 million this year to “stabilization operations” in Iraq and Syria in areas out of control of the terrorist organization and to support private economic investment.

The IA apparently wants to expand in Africa, including the Sahel, the Persian Gulf and Guinea, and has become more active in Afghanistan.

There are 27 terrorist bases in Africa on the UN Security Council’s sanctions list. Between 2018 and 2021, the number of “terrorist incidents” in the Sahel increased by 43 percent, according to U.S. counterterrorism data.

From the venue of this year’s meeting, a number of citizens from Morocco have traveled in recent years to Syria, Iraq and other countries to join the IAEA. The terrorist organization also carried out assassinations in Morocco. In Casablanca, for example, thirty-three people died in 2003 in five suicide bombings. And in 2011, seventeen people, including foreign tourists, were killed in an explosion at a café in Marrakech.

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