The Japanese celebrate the otter that predicted the victory of the soccer players over Germany
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The eight-year-old otter male Taijo has expanded the ranks of popular predictors of the results of sporting events from among the animal kingdom. The day before the match, he put a miniature soccer ball into a prepared blue bucket with a Japanese flag, ignoring the red one with the German flag and the yellow one with the words “draw”.

Excited by the unexpected win, Japanese fans did not spare Taija superlatives on social networks, describing him as “amazing” and “extremely competent”. Others hoped that he would give a similarly favorable and valid prediction before the next World Cup match against Costa Rica.

Predicting sports results using animals has been a popular attraction at most major sporting events in recent years. This fashion was started by a German octopus named Paul from the aquarium in Oberhausen, who accurately determined the results of seven matches of the German national team during the 2010 World Cup. The cephalopod, who received a larger-than-life statue after his death, was not even wrong in predicting the final match between Spain and the Netherlands at the time.

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