The Japanese Garden, a legacy of friendship between both nations

In dialogue with Fontevecchia mode for Radius Profile (FM 101.9), Sergio Miyagipress officer of the Japanese gardentold the reason why the Japanese Garden was created and how it became a space for the dissemination of Japanese culture in our country.

When was this property opened and why?

– This porteño paradise born in 1967 when back then, the Imperial Highnesses who later became Emperors of Japan visited us. So, the Japanese community was revolutionized because the creation of the Japanese Garden was a month. We ask the municipality for permission to build a typical Japanese garden to be able to receive such imperial highnesses and it also arises as a thank you to the great Argentine people for having received Japanese immigration with affection. That was the birth of the Japanese Garden.

Who gave this property? Did they buy it?

– The property belongs to the government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and what was built on top of this piece of land, which is the Japanese Garden, is donated by the Japanese community as a thank you for that wonderful reception. Today we feel that the Argentine loves the Japanese community very much and that is why the Japanese Garden is a legacy of friendship between both nations.

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JF: Was there also an important immigration in Argentina? How was this Japanese community produced in Argentina?

– Fundamentally, immigration is mostly from Okinawa, which is that paradisiacal island so loved by us. The 85% of Japanese in Argentina are from Okinawa and I say this with pride because Okinawa is an island with blue sea, white sand, it is the japanese caribbean. But at the same time it is a province of Japan and we are proud of it and a large part of the immigration is from there. We are currently 65,000 Japanese, approximately, is what the Japanese ambassador in Argentina told us. We are not that many, but these activities speak for themselves, such as martial arts, Japanese painting, bonsai, comics, manga, which have a lot of impact, and gastronomy, such as sushi have settled forever in Argentina. We develop in this sense and from the Japanese Garden spreading Japanese culture throughout the year.

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