The Johnny Depps made their divorce secretly, other couples secretly arranged for their divorce

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are almost out of the tap these days
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– on which both parties are trying to prove their truth, using all the means at their disposal – even on TV, although it is questionable how much they benefit from letting the public so much into their privacy crisis. Depp and Heard
it can be said to be a glaring case, as there are pairs of stars who have chosen the exact opposite. Although their paths were announced to be separated, conflicts between the two remained between the four walls, as the series of talks took place in secret.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt

The breakup of Pitt and Aniston’s marriage is one of the most resonant divorces of all time. They were married back in 2000 and were referred to as the dream couple of Hollywood, but in 2005 the news that their paths were parting came like a bolt from the blue. The media had been chewing on the story for months, trying to figure out if Angelina Jolie had ended the covenant. The actor is just a Mr. & Mrs. Smith he filmed with Jolie.

Although Aniston later said it had nothing to do with a third party divorce, it was telling that Pitt came together with Jolie shortly after their breakup. But Aniston and her ex-husband didn’t even start throwing mud. In November 2005, the court officially ruled that Pitt and Aniston were no longer husbands and wives, so the proceedings ended. The former dream couple also ran into an awards gala at the Screen Actors Guild in 2020, relaunching speculation that they would form a party, but rumors about it didn’t prove to be true.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

The actor is not at all lucky in love, as he has divorced three times already, but he has never revealed the details of his stranded relationship. He had previously formed a party with Nicole Kidman for 12 years and then got together with Katie Holmes, with whom they also could not find their calculations side by side. They got married back in 2006 and then parted ways for six years, but they never made a statement about the case, so the process was completely secret.

But the rumor that Cruise had resigned from their daughter, Holmes, and Suri had already resonated even more. Although the actor sued the paper, he eventually dropped the charges. The former couple then agreed that the actress would receive full parental custody, and Cruise could visit her child at any time, which it did. The details of their divorce have not been revealed since.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher

The former couple’s marriage was also special because the actress is 16 years older than Kutcher. They met at another friends ’dinner in 2003, but their relationship soon became serious and began to nurture intense feelings for each other. They married in 2005 and then blessed each other for six years, but over the years, the differences between the two intensified. It was rumored that Kutcher had also cheated on the actress with three women, although this was denied, but not long after Moore announced that they had decided to divorce.

In a statement at the time, Moore said it was sad that their relationship was over, while Kutcher was grateful for the divorce because it made her feel even better about what her parents were going through. For only two years, the court officially ruled that they no longer formed a party, but it has not been known since then whether Kutcher’s resignation could have ended the relationship or something else that was hidden from the public.

Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas

One of the fans cried, the other laughed after it turned out Banderas, considered one of the most charming men in the world, became a single again. The couple had previously shared a statement with the grandfather that they would part ways after nearly 20 years, but they called the period they spent together wonderful. However, they did not report exactly what led to this, but they referred to irreconcilable contradictions – as is not so rare in Hollywood.

Rumors of their divorce were mainly about the couple’s relationship having cooled down, or just that Griffith was bored of so many women hanging out around her husband. They wanted to go separately once in 2012, but then they decided to stay together. However, this did not last long, they were officially divorced for three years, but the good relationship remained.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

Paltrow and singer Coldplay have been passionate about each other from the beginning, they connected their lives in 2003 and then had two children. The couple had formed a party for more than ten years and everything seemed fine between the two of them. That’s why he understood everyone as a cold shower when it was announced in 2014, by mutual agreement it was better for them separately. Although this statement proved to be very unusual at the time, it turned out later that they made a very good decision.

Only two years later, in 2016, it was just the end of the divorce duke hunt, but since then they have been raising their children together and have remained friends. And the deterioration of their marriage did not make a mark on the relationship between the two of them at all, which was mainly due to the fact that they kept their privacy to themselves.

(Cover photo by Amber Heard and Johnny Depp on September 15, 2015. Photo by Paul Marotta / Getty Images for Warner Brothers)

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