The joke of the president of Mexico to those who say they will leave Colombia after Petro's victory

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador or AMLOas he is commonly called, is used to holding morning press conferences to inform the Mexican people and before international eyes of the various advances made by his government.

On this occasion, he took the opportunity to talk about the recent elections in Colombia and the triumph of the Historical Pact with Gustavo Petro Y France Marquez to the head. In particular, he referred to the people who did not vote for the Colombian leader of the left and he made jokes at the expense of those who fear changes in economic policies.

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“Today’s triumph may be the end of that curse and the dawn for that brotherly and worthy people. Congratulations”This is how the Mexican president wrote through his personal Twitter account when the results of the elections in the country were announced.

“Now that you have won Gustavo Petro in Colombia don’t lose your sense of humor”he exclaimed in the middle of the conference attended by hundreds of journalists from Mexican national media, independent media and reporters from international press agencies.

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Before the cameras, the president decided to make a joke about those who voted against Gustavo Petro: “In networks someone published a passport and said: ‘I’m leaving Colombia’. And a Mexican replied: ‘But you’re leaving, because that’s what they said here and they didn’t leave’”he recounted between laughs AMLO.

Lopez Obrador c.continued with the teasing and even projected a video in which a man appears selling suitcases while traveling on a bicycle, and said “for those who leave the country.”

Without a doubt, the triumph of Petro It has generated great controversy in the world. Even personalities like Mario Vargas Llosa spoke about it.

The Peruvian author and politician referred to the results of the presidential elections. The award-winning writer is conservative and declared that “Colombia voted badly”, according to the Spanish newspaper ‘El País’.

Given the divided opinions in the world about the future of Colombia in the next four years, AMLO declared that “in conservatism they are very upset. Racism, classism blinds them. Vargas Llosa despised the people of Colombia”, concluded the Mexican president.

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