Pablo Carrozza stranded
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Paul Carrozza He denounced through his social networks that he is stranded at the Barajas Airport after being scammed by the airline Edreams that was taking him to the airport. Qatar World Cup.

“I have an anguish that I cannot explain to you, but I am going to try to do it in the best possible way. We have been scammed by Edreams, Despegar, Iberia and British Airwaysthere are Argentines hanging around here at the airport, ”he explains in a YouTube video.

Pablo Carrozza stranded (Instagram /)

“There were a lot of us who had a layover flight and it was cancelled. Now we are in Madrid without knowing where we are going to spend the night, what is going to happen to our World Cup ”, he adds.

The journalist affirmed that the companies “pass the buck among themselves” but “nobody offers a concrete answer.”

According to Carrozza those affected (and himself) they paid everything more than six months ago to experience the World Cup in Qatar And now they’re about to miss it.

“I tell you that I am part of the group of Argentines scammed by Edreams. There are fans who had problems with Despegar. Iberia and British Airways are not responsible for anything. There are more than 20 going around Barajas. Some stay in Madrid. Others return to Argentina ”, she wrote on his Twitter account.

What do the airlines say?

Pablo Carrozza, Together with the stranded Argentines, they tried to communicate with the international flight companies to which they had reserved the tickets to make the transfer. However, they do not get solutions.

“When we call, an operator answers you, but they don’t want to change the flight or reschedule. They tell us that maybe they will refund our money at some point, but they ask us to get a new ticket, ”she says.

“But when we go online, the prices are huge. 2,500 euro. Something totally priceless. We just got the ticket a long time ago because the Doha destination today is the most requested ”, he concluded.

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