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The judge hopes to access the cell phones of the five Iranians to take the next step in the case

José Miguel Ramírez Martínez (right), one of the Venezuelans traveling on the plane

The federal judge of Lomas de Zamora Federico Villena hopes to access the contents of the cell phones of the five Iranians who were flying on the plane of the Emtrasur company, accused of having links with terrorist groups, to define the next steps of the investigation. Villena already ordered to return the phones of the 14 Venezuelans who made up the crew.

Last week, in the raid on the Plaza Central Canning hotel where the crew is staying, they kidnapped 18 cell phones, seven laptops and five tablets.

In parallel, in court they expect the federal prosecutor Cecilia Incardona request new test measures in the next few hours, as revealed to THE NATION judicial sources. In one week, the file has already caused 60 measures and accumulates more than 600 pages.

The most significant information so far has come from the United States. An FBI report linked the plane’s pilot, Gholamreza Ghasemiwith an airline linked to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards, a group the United States accuses of terrorism.

José Miguel Ramírez Martínez (right), one of the Venezuelans traveling on the planesantiago filipuzzi

The report provides information on the bans on the Quds Force and Hezbollah and their relationship with Mahan Air, the line that owns the Boeing 747 that is held in Ezeiza and in which 14 Venezuelans and five Iranians were traveling, including Ghasemi. “The airline has also transported weapons and personnel for Hezbollah”, says a fragment of the report prepared by the investigation agency and that is in the hands of Judge Villena, in charge of the file together with the prosecutor Incardona.

Despite the secrecy of the case, the FBI document is public and circulates on social networks. In fact, the national deputy Gerard Milman (Together for Change) disclosed it in his personal account.

Regarding the relationship between the Quds Force and Hezbollah, the FBI detailed that on October 25, 2007, the State Department designated under Executive Order 13382 a “key Iranian entity of proliferation concern.” And the entity he targeted was the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, also known as the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The Treasury Department also identified Quds under Executive Order 13224 for “providing material support to the Taliban and Hezbollah.” And I add: “[Quds] has had a long history of supporting Hezbollah’s military, paramilitary and terrorist activities, providing guidance, weapons financing, intelligence and logistical support.”

The plane detained in Ezeiza was sold to Emtrasur by Mahan Air, an Iranian airline sanctioned by Washington, which linked it to international terrorism. A Mahan Air spokesman sought to disassociate the company, telling the Iranian state news agency IRNA that the company sold the Boeing 747 Dreamliner to the Venezuelan company about a year ago, and that any link to the seized plane with the Iranian company ” It has political purposes.”

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