Cristina Kirchner's apartment in Recoleta.

The Federal Chamber of Buenos Aires ratified this Friday the prosecutions of Roberto Barata -right-hand man of former Minister Julio de Vido-, of two other former Planning officials and three businessmen in a section of the mega-cause of the Notebooks of bribes.

According to the ruling, to which TN had access, since the deliveries of money to Daniel Munoz -former private secretary of Néstor Kirchner- in the apartment at 1306 Uruguay Street where he lives Cristina Kirchnerthe judges asked to evaluate “the possible responsibility in this act of the other co-defendants”among whom would be the Vice President.

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Cristina Kirchner was not questioned in relation to these alleged bribes. She is prosecuted and brought to trial, however, in the mother case from the declaration of oscar rye -Baratta’s former driver and author of the notes that prompted the investigation- and other evidence.

Centeno’s notes revealed how part of the money collected by Baratta and his collaborators was delivered to Muñoz in the Vice President’s apartment. In issuing the first indictments in the case, the late judge Claudio Bonadio noted that they had registered at least 87 deliveries.

The resolution was signed by the cameramen Leopoldo Bruglia and Pablo Bertuzziwhich confirmed the expansion of the prosecutions that had been issued Julian Ercolinijudge of first instance, last February.

Cristina Kirchner’s apartment in Recoleta.

The Bribery Notebooks: who are the former officials and businessmen involved in the ruling

From the ruling of the Federal Chamber, the prosecutions of the businessmen were firm Hugo Alberto Dragonetti (owner of the construction company Panedile), Alberto Taselli (Edecat, a company dedicated to the energy sector) and Juan Mauricio Balan, of Juan F. Secco Industries. All are charged with the crime of bribery.

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The prosecutions of Nelson Lazarte, Baratta’s former private secretary, and Hernan Camilo Gomez former official of the Ministry of Planning.

About the role of cheapthe chamberlains pointed out: “Beyond the fact that their position within the administrative organization chart did not formally bring together the various competencies necessary to resolve all the issues that gave rise to the payments, occupied a central role within the parallel collection structure and it acted as a reference for the Ministry of Planning, with real capacity to internally implement the decisions related to the companies -as evidenced, in a contested manner, by the statements of the businessmen involved-”.

In relation to Lazarte, they indicated: “He was in charge of receiving and transferring important amounts of money delivered by businessmen, a task that could only be performed by someone linked to Baratta by a particular bond of trust. At the same time, his presence at the different events scrutinized made it possible for the funds to later reach his hands”.

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As to Claudio Glazmann (former director of the company Sociedad Latinoamericana de Inversiones), another of the businessmen involved in the investigation, the judges revoked the extension of his prosecution considering that the deliveries of money attributed to him already earned him the elevation to trial. According to the file, he confessed to making 13 payments between 2009 and 2010.

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