The Venezuelan cargo plane, immobilized after landing at the Ezeiza airport.  (Photo: courtesy Sebastián Borsero -

Federal Judge Federico Villena ordered Migration to retain Iranian passports for 72 hours who were traveling on the plane of the Venezuelan airline retained in Ezeiza. Thus, Iranian citizens of the Boeing 747-300M registration YV3531 will not be allowed to leave the country.

The magistrate also asked the agencies in charge of airport security to send all the movements of the plane to the court. of the Venezuelan company Emtrasur in which 14 Venezuelan crew members and another 5 Iranians were traveling.

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The judicial measure was taken after the Minister of Security, Hannibal Fernandezsaid in statements to TN that the name of one of the crew coincides with that of a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, a military structure considered by the United States as a terrorist organization.

There are two criminal cases open regarding the plane: one, initiated by Gerard Milman and other deputies from Together for Change; and another by Judge Villena himself in the Lomas de Zamora federal court. Precisely, the Delegation of Argentine Israelite Associations (DAIA) appeared this Monday as a plaintiff to demand that the Iranian crew members of the plane not leave Argentina.

The Venezuelan cargo plane, immobilized after landing at the Ezeiza airport. (Photo: courtesy Sebastián Borsero –

federal prosecutor Cecilia Incardonaon the other hand, still did not formally request any action to investigate the ghost plane in neither process. Apparently, the prosecutor would believe that there was no crime and for this reason it did not require the judge to instruct the cases, an essential requirement to be able to initiate the investigations.

Beyond Incardona’s position, many doubts hover over the case. The main one is why the plane came to Argentina: according to a disturbing hypothesis that sources involved in the investigation revealed to TNthe plane would have been testing a new air route and verifying the weakness of the security of the Argentine air space.

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It also remains to know precisely what was the crew and the full load that the ship was carrying. Did she only carry auto parts or when made a stopover in Cordoba and opened its doors and hold, were other crew members and other products unloadable?

Also, why Uruguay did not allow the aircraft to enter its airspace and, on the contrary, Argentina did not raise any objection? How long did the plane fly over Argentine territory with the transponder turned off, without reporting its geolocation? There are many questions that may never be clarified if the investigation falls apart and the Iranians manage to leave the country.

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