The Juventus match is canceled due to a rocket attack, the horror is on video

The warm-up match was supposed to be played on Sunday in Tel Aviv. Sunday would have been the last training match of the summer preparation period for both the Turin and Madrid teams. Juventus have one win, one draw and one loss so far, while Atlético have won all three of their matches.

Juventus’ first match in Serie A will be against Sassuolo on August 15, while Atlético Madrid will begin their campaign against Getafe on the same day.

The Turin team announced on their Twitter page that Sunday’s warm-up match will be cancelled.

The Israeli army launched an operation against the Islamist organizations of the Gaza Strip on Friday, killing the military leader of the terrorist organization called Islamic Jihad. In response, the military organizations of the Gaza Strip fired more than 160 rockets towards Israel until Saturday morning.

A video was also made of the impact of one of the rockets:

(Cover photo: Kevin Jairaj / Reuters)

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