The largest Bolivian region maintains a strike and insists that there be a law for the census
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The leaders of the region bolivian of Santa Cruz, The largest and economic engine of the country, resolved this Monday to maintain the strike that has been taking place for 31 days due to the population census due to the suspension of the parliamentary session that was to deal with a law on the registration.

In a statement to the media, the president of the Pro Santa Cruz Civic Committee, Rómulo Calvo, expressed his annoyance with the attitude of the Government of Luis Arce and the government’s Movement for Socialism (MAS).

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“The Government has no intention of listening, it has no intention of finding a solution to this conflict with what it has shown us today. It keeps wasting our time once again.Calvo said.

The leader maintained that on this day there should have been “a parliamentary consensus” to deal with a law on the national survey and recalled that there is “a compromise of the three powers”, Executive, Electoral and Legislative, to give certainty about the timely application of the census results, “and once again they lie to us.”

He also stated that “this fight belongs to everyone” and must “continue” until the authorities “listen” to the people and asked the citizens of Santa Cruz to continue “being brave.”

“This is not a whim of the people of Santa Cruz, it is not a whim of the committee, it is a necessity to seek a different future for our children”he assured.

Addressing President Arce, Calvo said that “it is in his hands to find a solution” to the conflict and asked him “not to play” with Santa Cruz, in addition to recalling that a recent town hall with massive participation defined “review what we Santa Cruz do in a country that does not love us.

The census was to be carried out on November 16, but the Government of Arce postponed it until 2024 arguing “technical problems”, which caused the rejection, above all, of Santa Cruz, which on October 22 began an indefinite strike for the prompt completion of the national survey.

Arce approved a few days ago a decree that set March 23, 2024 as the final date for registration, despite the claim that it be in 2023.

The Santa Cruz leaders are calling for a law that also sets the delivery times for the final data of the consultation until September 2024, so that the new distribution of parliamentary seats and resources can be applied by 2025, the year of national elections.

The Presidency of the Lower House called a session to deal with at least six legislative proposals on the census, but the call was suspended because none of the projects had the commission report required to go on to discussion in plenary.

The commission of parliamentarians began its work this day but took a break to reach consensus to have a single bill.

In the MAS there are two positions, one that considers that the approval of a law can serve to raise the protests in Santa Cruz and another, from the sector closest to former President Evo Morales, which rejects that option and believes that a decree is enough.

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