The Las Condes strategy to save energy and be a smart city
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In 2018, the Municipality of Las Condes began to outline what would be one of its most ambitious plans: turning the commune into a smart city. In this context, it took a first step: in 2018 it started with the implementation of the Community Energy Saving Strategy, with the replacement of 42,000 luminaires to LED technology, which meant an energy saving of almost 60% in the last five years. .

With the incorporation of LED technology in lighting and public buildings in the commune, the municipality installed a sensor network where more than 17,000 of the luminaires that had energy replacement contain sensors that are interconnected to collect a series of data.

Daniela Peñaloza, mayoress of Las Condes, points out that “the idea is to be able to collect data on what is happening in each of the streets and neighborhoods of the commune, and that, with this information, both the municipality, with the design of policies public, like neighbors, we can make better decisions and turn it into a robust communication network”.

The mayor explains that the sensors make it possible to increase or reduce the power of the luminaires depending on the season of the year, to have minute-by-minute information on pollution and pollination rates in the air, and data on traffic congestion in the streets.

Peñaloza highlights that a key point of smart cities, in addition to the development of technology, is sustainability. “We are the first commune that has 42,000 lighting fixtures and some municipal buildings directly connected to Cerro Dominador, which is the most important solar plant in Latin America and which supplies us with 100% renewable energy 24 hours a day,” he says.

Added to this are two thousand security cameras, which “make it possible to read the city not only in terms of security, but also of other movements that are on the street.”

Urban Monitoring Center

As a result of the data network that Las Condes has been able to build through this series of technologies, the mayoress announced this month at the Smart City Expo international congress in Barcelona, ​​the creation of the first Urban Monitoring Center in Chile, which will be will launch in its initial stage in March 2023.

Peñaloza explains that this project is considered the “great brain” of the commune, since “its objective is to unify and analyze in real time all the data obtained by the different sensors distributed in Las Condes. It will even allow residents, through an application, to have all the consolidated information”.

Although this will be the next step for it to advance in being an intelligent commune, the mayoress anticipates that she is in talks with the governor of the Metropolitan Region, Claudio Orrego, so that in the short term “this innovative line of Las Condes can be at available to the entire region. For us it is a mission that hopefully the great programs that come out of here later can be scalable at the regional and national level”.

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