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The latest anime releases and those to come

The latest anime releases and those to come

They don’t have the press of other series and movies, but anime premieres have a huge captive audience on platforms like Netflix.

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Every month important news arrives, with extensive sagas or expected premieres. Here we review the recent landings in the world of streaming that you (or your children) will want to save.

Komi San can’t communicate (on Netflix, since 04/27)

They premiere 12 episodes of this anime in original language with subtitles on the platform. The season two from Komi San can’t communicate will be available on the platform next April 27.

What is it about? At a school full of unique personalities, Tadano helps the shy and introverted Komi achieve her personal goal: to befriend 100 people.

Bubble (04/28/22)

This movie from romantic anime happens in a abandoned tokyo and separated from the world, invaded by bubbles Y gravitational anomalies. In this context a mysterious girl and a talented young man have a decisive meeting.

From the director of Attack on Titan and the writer of Puella Magi Madoka magic, Bubble promises to impress visually, through thoughtful details in the eyes and incredible plays of light and shadow.

Latest anime releases on Netflix: “Pacific Titans. No man’s land”

The end of the animated series is already available in the streaming platform. Pacific Titans is inspired by the iconic film directed by William of the Bull which bears the same name.

the fiction of Netflix tells the story of two siblings, Hayley and Taylor, who are stranded after a Kaiju invasion. They will undertake the risky search for their parents, along the way, they will meet allies, new creatures and dark characters.

Ultraman: Season 2 (available on Netflix)

ultra man returns after three years of waiting with his second season. It tells the story of the son of Ultraman, Shinjirou Hayata, and the six heroes who continue the tradition of the brotherhood. Together they face an alien conspiracy on a cosmic scale.

The anime series is based on the work of Tsuburaya Productions, Eiichi Shimizu Y Tomohiro Shimoguchi. It was a worldwide success and has received numerous awards, both in Japan and around the world.

At the same time Netflix has already announced that final season of the series will be available by 2023 globally.

One Piece Film: Z (available on Netflix)

the twelfth movie based on the manga and anime series one piece is now available in the catalog of the streaming platform.

What is it about? According to official synopsis from Netflix, Luffy and his group save a Navy admiral who has only one goal: annihilate all piratesincluding the Straw Hats.

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