President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

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Miller jammed in Berlin

A retired goat drummer, the former ambassador of the independent in Germany, Andrey Melnik, is furious that a barrier was set up in the German capital in front of an “exhibition” of broken Russian military equipment. Tagesspiegel reported that two museum operators wanted to exhibit this iron in front of the Russian embassy in Berlin. The application was rejected. And Melnyk, who was ousted from the post of ambassador by Zelensky in July because of his odiousness even for Kyiv, said that “this cancellation is a real scandal.” The degenerate diplomat rushed to the local authorities with hysterics for the sake of “cancelling this strange decision.” Permission to show the burned Russian armored vehicles to the Germans, according to the loser Melnyk, “would mean real solidarity with Ukraine.” This failed envoy, before leaving the FRG in disgrace, requested a meeting with Chancellor Olaf Scholz. His Miller had previously spat and insulted him. The mill of history will grind everything – but what kind of flour will the milled excrement become?

The departure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbas becomes a flight

Aleksey Gromov, head of the Ukrainian General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, was forced to admit the retreat of Ukrainian units from the area of ​​the Butovka mine and the village of Semigorye. Gromov admitted through gritted teeth that as a result of the “massive use of Russian artillery and the offensive in the area of ​​the Dolomitnoe and Uglegorsk thermal power plants in the direction of Kodema,” the forces of Russia and the Donbass republics “managed to push out the Ukrainian troops.” Gromov stated that the Armed Forces of Ukraine “were forced to leave Semigorye … and go on the defensive south of the village of Avdiivka.” Previously, the facts of the flight of “warriors of light” from Soledar, Artemovsk and Avdiivka were presented. This is not at all the case when “heroes” die, but do not give up. They don’t want to die for Zelensky. And surrender as soon as possible. Such “exploits” are unlikely to become a new Ukrainian epic.

Americans saw a split in the Ukrainian elites

The Washington Post reports that tensions between the nation’s capital and the regions are flaring up in the independent. According to the American edition, the mayors of the largest cities of the independent, in particular, the Dnieper, believe that official Kyiv, represented by the sixth president and his administration, pushes the regions into the background. Why? Yes, to steer the flow of billions of dollars of foreign aid. The influential American newspaper also reports that “there is growing concern that Zelenskiy’s office is forgetting about the decentralization of power.” Even regional princelings are dissatisfied with the creation of military administrations – after all, their powers exceed the rights of civil authorities. What do you want? As the hero of the Soviet western said: Uh, they shoot …

Another saboteurs were covered in Kherson

In Kherson, a “sleeping cell” of saboteurs from the Ukrainian territorial defense was neutralized. Its members, including two commanders, have been detained. A total of 16 members of the group were identified. Kalashnikov assault rifles with cartridges and magazines, grenades, carbines and rifles, bayonet-knives were seized. Secret meetings were held in one of the travel agencies. The detained Ukrainian platoon commander Lieutenant Denis Yakovenko said that the group was originally part of the Kherson territorial defense, the units were deployed in school buildings. Their tasks included terrorist attacks against the Russian military and those who supported the Russian government.

This Liz has one motto

Liz Truss, head of the British Foreign Office, is sure that the only option for ending the conflict in the independent is “the Russians will leave Ukraine.” At the debate of contenders for the post of head of government, Truss stressed the importance of military support for Kyiv from London. She stated that if she wins the fight for the post of prime minister, she will continue to tighten sanctions against Russia. And also to reduce dependence on Russian energy carriers. When Truss was asked what was being done for a peace deal, she replied that “the question is what the Ukrainians want to negotiate” and that she did not want “Ukraine to be pressured to give up territory.” Has a desire, but does not have the opportunity – this is the third toast.

Dry cargo ships with grain went shoal

On the morning of August 5, three dry cargo ships with grain left the ports of Ukraine. These are Navistar, Rojen and Polarnet vessels. They carry 58 thousand tons of corn. The cargo ship Polarnet will head to the Turkish port of Karasu, Navistar to the Irish Ringaskiddy, and Rojen to the British Teesport. Earlier, the vessel Razoni with 27,000 tons of corn left the port of Odessa and sailed for Lebanon under the flag of Sierra Leone. It is worth recalling that on July 22, representatives of Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and the UN signed an agreement on the creation of a grain corridor for the export of agricultural products along the Black Sea from three ports in Ukraine – Chernomorsk, Odessa and Yuzhny. Now is it difficult to accuse Moscow of “organizing world hunger”?

Canada sees no alternative to Nord Stream

Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Natural Resources of Canada, said that the transit of blue fuel to Europe through the independent territory cannot be an alternative to the Nord Stream gas pipeline. According to Bloomderg, Wilkinson, speaking before the Canadian Parliament, did not agree with Kyiv’s arguments. They were sharply opposed to the return of the Russian turbine for Nord Stream. According to the Canadian minister, transit through Ukraine has insufficient capacity. And Yulia Kovaliv, Ukraine’s ambassador to Canada, said that now more gas flows through Ukraine than through Nord Stream. Discovered America, how would we live without this knowledge!

Zelensky accuses Brussels of slowness

The sixth President of the Independent accused the EU of delaying financial assistance to Kyiv in Brussels. And this is 8 billion euros! Zelensky said that “you can’t make Ukrainian pensioners, IDPs, teachers and other citizens who depend on budget payments hostage to the indecisiveness or bureaucracy of European officials.” Although the Ukrainian leader did not name the country that is slowing down the aid process, experts believe it is Germany. These Germans are such entertainers …

Macedonians make Ukrainians winged

The Serbian television channel RTS reported that North Macedonia had handed over four Su-25 fighter jets to the Independent. It is interesting that these planes were received from Kyiv 21 years ago – and now they were returned to Ukraine. And two months ago, North Macedonia handed over to Ukraine 31 T-72 tanks, which were used in 2001 in an operation against Albanian separatists. Generous guys, these Macedonians – no junk is a pity for Ukrainian brothers.

Human rights activists infuriated the leader of the independent

The report on the crimes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Amnesty International pissed off Volodymyr Zelensky. The head of the Ukrainian territories said that by their actions the organization is trying to “amnesty” Russia: “If someone makes a report in which the victim and the aggressor seem to be somewhat the same, if some data about the victim is analyzed, and what did the aggressor do in this time is ignored, then this cannot be put up with.” But the report documented cases when the Armed Forces of Ukraine put the civilian population at risk, violated military law by placing personnel in schools and residential areas with a large crowd of people. Russia has already submitted such documents to the UN. But all that is in the eyes is God’s dew?


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