THE LATEST: Kharkiv nuclear facility suffers more attacks

LONDON – The Russian army appears to be trying to surround Ukrainian forces fighting in breakaway regions in the eastern part of the country, the British Ministry of Defense said in an intelligence report released on Sunday morning.

Russian forces are advancing south from the area around Kharkiv and north from Mariupol, according to the ministry.

Battlefields in northern Ukraine remain “largely static” and Ukrainian counterattacks are complicating Russia’s efforts to reorganize its forces, the report said.

In an earlier report released overnight, the ministry said Russia was continuing to strike targets in different parts of Ukraine, including many in highly populated areas.

Russia has used missiles launched from its own territory to reduce the exposure of its aircraft to Ukrainian anti-aircraft fire, according to British authorities. However, the limited supply of these weapons will force Russia to “return to less sophisticated missiles or accept more risk to its aircraft.”


LEOPOLIS, Ukraine – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy indignantly warns Moscow that it is sowing deep hatred of Russia among its population, as constant artillery fire and shelling reduce cities to rubble, kill civilians and force others to hide in shelters and search for water and food to survive.

“You are doing everything so that our people abandon the rude language on their own, because now the Russian language will only be associated with you, with your explosions and murders, with your crimes,” Zelenskyy says Saturday night in an impassioned message on video.


kyiv, Ukraine – A nuclear research facility in Kharkiv is again the target of Russian shells and fighting makes it impossible to assess the damage, the Ukrainian nuclear monitoring agency says.

The experimental neutron center of the Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology was attacked on Saturday, according to the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate.

Ukrainian authorities have previously reported Russian shell damage to downtown buildings, but no radiation leaks have been detected. The newly built facility aims to research and produce radioisotopes for medical and industrial purposes. The International Atomic Energy Agency has pointed out that the nuclear material at the site is always subcritical and that the inventory of radioactive material is very small, which reduces the risks of radiation being released.

Kharkiv has been besieged by Russian forces since the beginning of the invasion and has come under repeated artillery fire on its residential buildings and critical infrastructure.

Ukrainian nuclear facilities have been threatened by the Russian invasion.

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