The Le Pen, from Nazism to Islamophobia

The last elections in France left a mostly bitter taste. Although re-elected, Emmanuel Macron has received, almost from the beginning of his first administration, criticism from the right and left. From the start, he had to deal with the Yellow Vests, a popular movement that for many is a bag of cats due to an excessive diversity of political lines among its members that end up canceling each other out. By curtailing street demonstrations, the pandemic gave him the opportunity to symbolically raise his rank, erecting himself as the commander of “the war against an invisible enemy”, but questions about his decisions continued and he is often spoken of as the “lesser evil”. ”, someone only preferable against an enemy that can be glimpsed as even more catastrophic. The superior evil is none other than Marine Le Pen, daughter of the legendary Jean Marie, whose political proposal finds similarities with that of Donald Trump, but also deep differences. Although she heads million-dollar businesses, Marine does not have a career like that of the Republican leader: she has a lineage and offspring that live in conflict. A long family path that was able to outline itself according to the times in which she has to live and does not hesitate to cut off the heads of her own, precedes and sustains her. Like her father against Jacques Chirac, the 53-year-old lawyer favored the victory of her opponent because there are too many voters fearful of a resurgence of xenophobia in the country. Founder of the National Front, Jean Marie prepared her for politics from the start. Already at the age of 19, she Marine, she attended the meetings of the party that she would later take over, displacing the one who bequeathed her the idea of ​​a model country that, speaking in Creole, wants to get rid of immigrants. .

Although he boasts of independence from powers contrary to the interests of the country, Marine’s businesses and alliances do not seem to be going in that direction and one of the biggest criticisms he received is that of lying in the campaign. “She surrounds herself with kittens in the spots to look better” the press scoffed. In a good relationship with Israel through Louis Aliot, her current partner and vice president of her party, Ella Marine does not seem very interested in perpetuating, at least outwardly, her father’s anti-Semitism. She has redirected, in return, the xenophobic cannons with which she grew up in the direction of Islam, proposing, among other things – and in line with some famous French feminists of the second wave such as Elisabeth Badinter – the prohibition in public places of the veil worn by the Muslim ones Targeting paternalistic and discriminatory gestures to immigrant women who dress according to her beliefs has not been a great strategy, but Marine’s electoral performance was successful nonetheless. From the left, headed by Jean Luc Melenchon, they wonder what is happening in contemporary France that has led to the vote for someone who does not hesitate to promote deportations that involve putting many of the deportees at risk of death, fracturing families and consolidate the fantasy of a white France that has not existed for a long time. Analysts agree that Marine’s ability to challenge the classes most damaged by the Macronian model has been key and that she plans to continue seducing voters in the future. Further to the right, Eric Zemmour, a candidate from the media who proposes to remove Muslims from the environment so that the “true France” will exist again, is another clear sign of a xenophobia that does not give in. What was at some point collaborationism, is today the vocation to “clean” the territory of foreigners. Unlike Marine, Zemmour doesn’t target the working classes, but like her, he cultivates a kind of discrimination that doesn’t subscribe to any kind of Nazism. Indeed, during the first round of the elections, her press office prepared a mailing with exclusively Jewish recipients who were invited to vote for it in order to jointly combat the advance of Muslims, largely from black Africa. It is this character bordering on the ridiculous that the youngest of the Le Pen family has chosen to join forces, Marion Marechal, granddaughter of Jean Marie, a staunch critic of her aunt Marine and, at only 32 years old, a fearsome promise of extreme xenophobia for a country that , despite everything, continues to speak of Liberty, equality and fraternity.

*From Paris. Journalist, teacher and screenwriter.

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