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The Legend of Zelda is a series of games created by Nintendo from the 80’s and was one of the first electronic RPGs to be very successful worldwide. The story takes place in the kingdom of Hyrule, where the protagonist, Link, who is a young hero belonging to the Hylian race, faces various adventures that unfold in the various games of the franchise.

If you are one of the countless fans of the universe of The Legend of Zelda, this text is special for you. Check it out below 12 curiosities about the Nintendo series.

1. The series Zelda starts at the end

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Chronologically speaking, the first game The Legend of Zelda, 1986 would be the last. The logic goes like this: the first two games take place in an alternate universe in which Link failed to defeat Ganon in The Ocarina of Time, released in 1996.

In order of time, the game Skyward Sword, 2011, would be the first in the series. As confusing as it sounds, it makes sense for a series that also talks about time travel.

2. Link is left-handed

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In most games, the hero of The Legend of Zelda is portrayed as left-handed. This happens in Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Gameboy, Gamecube, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 64 games. The exception is the game Twilight Princess for Wii, in which Link is portrayed as right-handed.

3. Initially, The Legend of Zelda had the theme song Bolero by Ravel

the original theme of The Legend of Zelda it was the Bolero from Ravel. The song, created in 1928, is considered the most famous work of French composer Maurice Ravel. It is a true classic often revisited in plays and films.

Composer Koji Kondo rearranged the famous composition into an orchestral version for Nintendo. After the work was done, he discovered that the music was still copyright-restricted. Because of this, Kondo turned all night and composed the famous The Legend of Zelda Theme.

5. The name Zelda was taken from literature

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The name of Nintendo’s most famous princess came out of literature. Zelda references Zelda Fitzgerald, novelist, poet, and painter, who was married to writer F. Scott Fitzgerald.

6. The game pays homage to a late Nintendo CEO

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In the game Breath of the Wild, As of 2017, there is a beautiful mountain called Satori, which Link climbs. The mountain was named after Satoru Iwata, a Japanese programmer and entrepreneur who served as director of Nintendo from 2002 until 2015, when he died of cancer.

7. Nintendo did not believe that The Legend of Zelda would be popular in the US

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When The Legend of Zelda was released in Japan in 1986, it was immediately a huge success. However, Minoru Arakawa, who was president of Nintendo’s American division, had doubts that the game could chart in the United States. He thought the game would be too complex and challenging for American audiences.

To deal with this, Nintendo opened up a toll-free phone line that players could call for tips on the game. game. It worked so well that the company then started charging for these calls.

8. The game’s aesthetic was inspired by its creator’s childhood

THE designer game developer Shigeru Miyamoto, one of the creators of The Legend of Zelda, took elements from his childhood to create the game’s scenario. He referenced memories of his youth spent in a small village near Kyoto, where he played in forests.

The dungeons that appear in Zeldaaccording to him, refer to the house where Miyamoto spent his childhood, which was full of doors and looked like a maze.

9. In addition to Zelda, Shigeru Miyamoto created other very famous franchises

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In addition to being one of the creators of the game’s universe The Legend of Zelda, Shigeru Miyamoto also participated in the creation of Donkey Kong and Super Mario Brothers.

In Zelda, he risked another kind of game run. Instead of players aiming for high scores, the RPG focused on exploring the setting and investigating problems – which was a whole new concept at the time. Therefore, many people consider the franchise Zelda an “Anti-mario“.

10. To create Zeldadevelopers were inspired by Indiana Jones

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In an interview, Shigeru Miyamoto talked about the process of creating The Legend of Zelda and cited the films starring archaeologist Indiana Jones as a major inspiration.

His statement was: “the films Indiana Jones also came out around that time. I wanted to recreate that kind of adventure in a game, and people playing role-playing games at the time were always bragging about the strength of their characters and calling each other to exchange that kind of information. With a world of swords and magic as a theme, I decided to create an adventure game based on a treasure hunt. And so came The Legend of Zelda”.

11. Robin Williams Named His Daughter After The Game

a famous fan of The Legend of Zelda is the late actor Robin Williams, who died in 2014. Williams named his daughter Zelda after the game he loved.

The actor has always declared himself a big fan of the game. Zelda was born in 1989, a few years after the release of the first game. At first she didn’t like her name, but over time she came to adore it.

12. There is a crossover in between The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros

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It is known that Shigeru Miyamoto tried to keep the universes from Zelda and mario as separate as possible. However, there is a crossover between the two franchises. At some points in the series Zelda, An enemy called “Piranha Plant” appears. He is best known for being the pest that fouls Mario’s pipe.

Mario also paid tribute to Zelda. In super mario bros 3, there is a sound effect straight out of the magic whistle of the RPG series. Additionally, Mario and Link have appeared together in several merchandising from Nintendo.

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