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The legislative elections spelled the end of Jupiter

The legislative elections spelled the end of Jupiter

Jupiter is no more. For the foreign press, Emmanuel Macron fell from his throne. By accumulating failures, he now embodies “less Jupiter than the fall of Icarus”, note The Economist. However, in 2017, everything had started well for him, recount El País.

“Macron wanted to be the providential man, the new man. He had promised to do away with extremes during his tenure. His ambition was to abolish the right-left divide in Parliament. He presented himself as the man of the nation in the making, a former finance minister endowed with a social conscience because he came from a left-wing government. The picture was perfect.”


Five years later, “Jupiter did not survive, notes the centrist newspaper of Turin La Stampa, it is he who falls from Olympus, carrying in his fall the rubble of a macronie now bloodless”. Despite the 245 seats of Ensemble, the president is the big loser in the legislative elections. “It was against him that the voters spoke out: against his arrogance and his contemptuous attitude; against his lack of empathy and his lack of listening.”

In a way it makes sense, explains Moroccan author Tahar Ben Jelloun, in the pages of La Repubblica.

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