The Leonas undefeated champions of the Pro-League

The lioness They entered the field of play to the duel against India already being champions. Despite that, the Argentines did not underestimate their rival and closed the tournament in the best possible way: winning. With the win 3-2 with goals from Delfina Thome, Augustine Gorzelany and one fixed on the scoreboard Eugenia TrichinettiThe Lionesses won the Pro-League undefeated.

The last doubleheader for the Ferrara team ended perfectly. The Argentines they dominated the tournament from end to end. In the first instance, the most important thing to reach a new championship, the albiceleste team reached 42 points in 16 dates, achieving 13 wins and three draws against India and the Netherlands respectively.

In the current campaign, Las Leonas were the highest scoring team with 43 goals and the second least defeated fence with 18 goals against, behind the Dutch with 15. Added to these encouraging statistics, the scoring podium was totally albiceleste. Agustina Gorzelany led that table with 13 points, followed by her teammates José Granatto and Eugenia Trinchinetti.

Delfina Merino, a reference for Las Leonas, referred to her exclusion from the Selected

Consequently, it was a perfect Pro-League for the Argentines that, based on great performances and, above all, championships, once again positioned the Leonas as a team to fear in the circuit. They showed harmony and already has a new objective on the horizon, the hockey world cup. From July 1 to 17 in Spain and the Netherlands, the Argentine representatives will go for one more crown.

with a new gold medal colgada, the Argentine women’s hockey team, second in the world ranking behind the Netherlands, has seven medals in the World Cup of Hockey (two gold), five Olympic medals (three silver and two bronze), ten Champions Trophy medals (six gold) and eight medals at the Pan American Games (six gold and two silver).


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