The libertarian intern broke out: who is who in the dispute that surrounds Javier Milei

In Javier Milei’s environment there is deep concern, since they assure that the economist surrounded himself with characters who threaten his political destiny. They emphasize that he lost part of that “arrival” to his militancy.

Following the comments of Carlos Maslatonall cannons are pointed at Karina Milei, who is internally nicknamed “The boss”, despite its low profile. Little is known about his activity, only that he accompanies the national deputy everywhere and advises him on political and strategic matters.

Since she was young, Karina Milei has worked as a tarot reader. The tarot is a discipline originated in the fourteenth century that is used to consult and interpret reality through cards, far from the pragmatics of politics. The striking activity to which the sister of the national deputy is dedicated sparked rumors of all kinds.

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So much so that within the libertarian space there are those who dare to accuse her of practicing witchcraft, in the best style Jose “El Brujo” Lopez Rega, a tool with which he achieved a deep influence on Juan Domingo Perón and María Estela Martínez de Perón. Something that Maslatón pointed out in his tweet this Saturday, comparing her to Estela Martínez de Perón and the “personal secretary” of then-president Juan Domingo Perón.

Who’s who in the libertarian intern

And the dispute within the liberal space does not end there. In addition to Karina Milei, the criticism points to another character, a certain Nicolás Emma, ​​the president of the Libertarian Party of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. From various circles they describe him as inexperienced and highly suspicious. A good part of the agreement between the two has to do basically with the need for the economist to have a legal/party structure to be able to compete in the elections, as happened in 2021.

another character is Carlos Kikuchiwhom Carlos Maslatón pointed out in his tweets as the “buddy” who complements karina milei and they attempt against the political arming of the libertarians. He is the son of the journalist Malú Kikuchi, linked to the intelligence services in the 1990s and is today one of the members of Javier Milei’s “red circle”.

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Carlos Kikuchi He recognizes himself as a former adviser to Domingo Cavallo, although in practice he has been just a collaborator whom the former Minister of Economy of the Nation probably does not even remember. The anger of the militants of the Milei space is that they perceive that the space was filled with characters who monopolized the thought of the economist, who works to be president in 2023.

They report that when Carlos Kikuchi He joined the libertarian space, his influence over Karina Milei was growing progressively and uninterruptedly, to the point of beginning to digitize the conformation of the inner circle of the national deputy. This became an internal one that currently divides the libertarian apparatus in all corners of the country, between those who are betting on recovering the “Milei of 2021” and those who are surrounding it with questionable political leaders.

Another who joined was Marcos Urtubey, son of the former governor of Salta, Juan Manuel Urtubey, since he had a relationship with Karina Milei. This was also a source of controversy behind closed doors. Freedom Advances.

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The dispute arose when Marcos Urtubey and Ramiro Marra clashed and ended up expelled from the small table, something that was public knowledge. Later, it was Kikuchi who began to “repatriate” all those who had been expelled from the small table of Libertad Avanza. Now they are trying to recover that place, in view of the great goal of 2023.

It is within this framework that Kikuchi and Emma began to make alliances with politicians with a controversial past, as is the case with Ricardo Bussi in Tucuman (with numerous cases under his belt, including one of sexual abuse) and Hernán “Pichi” Blázquez in Entre Ríos (who recently received a complaint for extortion for which he could receive between five and seven years in prison).

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