The light was red, not yellow, the driver went forward, not backward

In the video recorded by the on-board camera, it is clear that the light had been red for many seconds, the majority waited calmly, while the pedestrians received a green signal. We can also see a car making a proper turn, and then the Opel station wagon comes: the driver of the car avoided the people waiting at the red light and drove through the zebra crossing, then turned, ignoring the mandatory direction of travel sign – he almost collided with the car making the proper turn in the opposite lane .

Seconds after the Opel disappeared, two children and two adults entered the crosswalk. It was just luck that no one was on the zebra crossing when the driver who did not respect the rules ran over it, wrote the Bp-i Autósok.

The mercis who endangered lives in Budapest the other day also blew the whistle on the KRESZ rules. The person sitting at the wheel of the sports car left the Örs vezér tér traffic light intersection and began to run amok, the driver driving the sports car at a fast pace first cut into the inner lane and then drove through the closing line. He was not particularly interested in the red signal of the traffic light, as well as the fact that in the meantime he started driving against the traffic.

He was able to top it all off by driving into cross traffic that had already started, he almost hit two cyclists, a quick steering movement was necessary to avoid running into the zebra crossing.

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