The lightning that struck next to the White House left two dead and two injured

Two people died and two others were injured after being struck by lightning that struck this Thursday in the vicinity of the White Housethe residence of the president of USA, Joe Bidenin Washington D.C.

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At a press conference, the spokesman for the fire department of the US capital, Vito Maggiolo, explained that two women and two adult men received medical attention and were taken to the hospital in critical condition after receiving the “apparent impact” of lightning.

The lightning struck Lafayette Square, which is located just north of the White House, in the middle of the great storm with heavy rain and wind that fell this afternoon in Washington.

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The four people were found in a wooded area near the famous equestrian statue of former US President Andrew Jackson and before the arrival of the emergency services they received the assistance of the Park Police and the Secret Service, in charge of protecting the presidential residence.

The women were unconscious, according to the authorities’ report. Given the rapid action of emergency agencies, managed to be transferred to care centers.

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I want to thank you because your agents, your officers witnessed this lightning strike and immediately started providing help to the four victims, which is very important to help with survivability.Vito Maggiolo, a spokesman for the Fire Department, told Secret Service agents.

David Root, a witness, narrated the moments of anguish. “I heard a horrible ‘boom’. I was in shock. She just couldn’t believe it. It was surreal. I’ve never seen anything like this in my entire life”, he assured in a chat with the television network ‘NBC’.

Root was one of the people who went to the scene to help the wounded. “I did chest compressions on one. I just hope and pray that these people survive. That’s the most important thought on my mind right now”, he added.

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