The killer's messages on Instagram before the tragedy (Photo: Instagram/@ericreydereyes)

minutes before attacking his family with machetes and killing his 12-year-old nephewEric Ricardo Van De Velde published a series of messages on his social networks, where he warned: “It can happen at any time.”

Through several Instagram stories, the murderer wrote: “The enemy is desperate because at any moment this becomes more beautiful for the righteous”and added “There are little pigs that are hiding from me, I will still find and destroy them. I always overcome the darkness.

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Then the 28-year-old man who he injured his mother and sister express “This gets more beautiful for the righteous. It can happen at any moment, just resist and watch. I send strength to my saints, saint you receive the strength that I send”.

In the final text, the murderer of santiago palaces he referred to “signs” for the “unbelieving beasts” and warned: “This is the end of evil.” Last week I posted: “I am alpha, indomitable, beast skull crusher, bone crusher, purifier and more. They will understand”.

The killer’s messages on Instagram before the tragedy (Photo: Instagram/@ericreydereyes)

The young man’s account has almost 30 posts made in the last two weeks. In many of them you can see him with a pin of the Russian Federation and photos of the Russian flag, the Soviet Union and South Korea.

Eric Ricardo Van De Velde attacked his family with machetes and murdered his 12-year-old nephew

The man attacked his family with machetes and killed to his 12 year old nephew. In addition, her mother and her sister were seriously injured and are admitted to the emergency hospital.

The incident occurred this Saturday afternoon in a house in the Kairos neighborhoodlocated to the southwest of the city of Cordova.

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The 28-year-old man was identified as Eric Ricardo Van DeVelde Y was detained. In the house, located on Ushuaia Street at 3000, were his mother, Norm Eyebrowsaged 56, his sister, Vanessa Van De Veldeof 38 and her son, the victim, Santiago Palacios.

Eric he came home with a machete and a hunting knife a few minutes before 2:00 p.m., according to police sources. Now, the causes of the brutal aggression are being investigated.

Hearing the screams, the neighbors called 911 and approached the house to try to stop the aggressor. When the troops arrived at the scene, the neighbors tried to lynch the man, who was immediately arrested. Inside the house they also found the machete and a war knife with which he would have carried out the attack.

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