Cristina Kirchner reappears in La Plata with an act for Peronist Militancy Day
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Expectations for Cristina de Kirchner’s speech

cristina act uom

The Campore

The ex-president’s speech will point to an analysis of the country’s situation, which is expected not to be exempt from marking points of difference with Alberto Fernández’s positions and some request that bothers Casa Rosada.

In fact, prior to the event, this Wednesday The also head of the Senate signed with her pair of Deputies, Cecilia Moreau, a salary increase for a fixed sum of 30,000 pesos, a mechanism that is resisted by the head of state and nearby sectors such as the leadership of the CGT, who prefer to maintain the parities without that element that “takes away the dynamics” of collective negotiations, according to what they say.

In the last few hours, a version had emerged about the fact that there were not going to be classes in the La Plata schools near the stadium due to Cristina Kirchner’s act, but this was denied by the director of Culture and Education, Alberto Sileoni.

“There will be classes normally in the four schools near the stadium, we are putting together the device,” sources from that provincial portfolio told NA.

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